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Gordon Montgomery | Consultant | gordon@gmeta.com | 512 299 3637 | @gmeta

Coaching - Personal 1-on-1 Coaching for you, or your company creating with you the life you know you’d love and the radical performance strategies in how to get exactly that

Consulting - Digital business strategy around user experience, innovation and radical success for your mobile, social, web products and services

Facilitation - Group Organization and Planning

Speaking - I speak passionately to larger groups about 21st century, personal, cultural business innovation, how to live radically and produce radical results.

Gordon Montgomery | Consultant | gordon@gmeta.com | 512 299 3637 |  @gmeta

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Gordon Montgomery

Gordon Montgomery

Gordon helps others "Be Brilliant!" He provides new vision and essential results coaching in areas such as:

personal purpose evolution,

living the life you love,

real business innovation,

socio-cultural transformation.

Gordon thrives on a challenge, energetically inspiring anybody to grow far beyond old contexts and limits. Both on a personal level or in an innovative business context, he provides consistent, radical and effective guidance for his clients leading to unprecedented growth that results in a newly empowered life.

Gordon partners with an incredible international team of radical results coaches through http://carolinaaramburo.com/coaching. The coaching is not about simply improving or changing things. It is Transformational Coaching. The coaches are all purpose and vision creators. The coaching is not soft. The coaching is not common. It is RADICAL and rigorous.


Proud of his native Northern Irish home, Gordon traveled first to Southampton University, England to attain his BA degree in Linguistics, became fluent in French and began his love affair with the enabling power of technology in people's lives. He worked in London and continental Europe before completing his Masters in Software Engineering at Napier University, Scotland, focusing on Human to Computer Interaction. He moved to the USA in 1999 to consult with businesses primarily around User Experience Design and Social Business, achieving some national notoriety in the field especially with clients using Microsoft's products. His comprehensive industry client list spans Academia, Fortune 500 and the political spectrum. He is now working towards a PhD in Social Psychology through Walden University, online (of course).

Gordon loves to spend time with his young son Ronan (born 2008) as often as he can. For "fun", Gordon runs ultra long trail distances and reads e-books - though not simultaneously.

Sample business clients: Academia in the USA, Arthur Andersen, AT&T, British Telecom Looksmart (Genie), Dell, Eli Lilly, Farm Credit Bank of Texas, Home Shopping Network, HSBC student & graduate banking services, Jeep Chrysler, Lehman Bros, Microsoft, Mobil Oil, MoneySuite, NCR, Nokia, One.org, PerkinElmer, Procter & Gamble, SAP, S

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