Personal Performance Coaching

Gordon Montgomery | Personal Performance Coach | +1 512 299 3637 | twitter: @gmeta

- Are you stuck in life or work with less joy and fulfillment than you expected to have by now?

- Are you “doing fine” but just tired of a life with no passion?

- Are you just out of ideas, at a crossroads and unsure where to go next?

If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions then coaching may well be for you. Please contact me via text 512 299 3637 to set up your first FREE introduction to coaching. If you consider that I can *help you be brilliant* then you have my word that I will.

So how do we achieve your desired results?

ESP – “Essential Strategy Plan” Program

So here’s a little bit more about me and my coaching. First, if you’re new to life coaching then here is a useful overview of what coaching is and what it is not. I mainly focus on the world of work, or more broadly what we do to “make a living” day to day. Other areas producing successful results often include “loving ALL of your life” and “fully using your healthy and well body”.

Simply said: I guide people to get from A to B.

Specifically we create the vision together of who you ARE at point B and work our way backwards from that goal to create a set of essential ACTIONS that generate unprecedented tangible results, starting right now (at point A) in your life. That guidance takes the form of a reliable structure: Immersion, Conversion, Execution and within that makes ample room for us to creatively produce ESSENTIAL results early and often. The coaching and your new brain patterns become part of your life and not some external addition to it.

The work entails the use of a vast range of tailored, neuro-scientific tools and focused assignments. We  simply and rapidly, literally reprogram your brain from day one, over a 90-day period, to operate from a wholly new viewpoint for yourself, your life and the world. The program is typically all handled over the phone/email on a schedule that works for you. Oh AND ITS FUN! ;)

Next Step: Contact Gordon on 512 299 3637 to step up a free introductory conversation to see if there’s a match for you.



Additionally for those of you wishing to refer somebody to me for their FREE introductory conversation, I currently offer two types of referral thank you gifts: (1) A free month of coaching or (2) a payment of 10% of the total package they sign up for. Referral thank you gifts are valid from the moment our new client makes their payment. I use Paypal for most transactions.

THANKS! Woohoo!!


WHAT I PROVIDE more broadly, which may be of service to you:

Coaching - Personal 1-on-1 Coaching for you or your company. We co-create with you the life you know you’d love and the essential performance strategies in how to get exactly that

Consulting - Digital business strategy around user experience, innovation and unprecedented success for your mobile, social, web products and services

Facilitation - Group Organization and Planning

Speaking - I speak passionately to larger groups about 21st century, personal, cultural business innovation, how to live from your true essence and produce extraordinary results.


Gordon Montgomery | Personal Performance Coach | 512 299 3637 | twitter: @gmeta

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Gordon Montgomery

Gordon Montgomery

Best contact by text on 512 299 3637 or

Gordon helps others "Be Brilliant!" He asks visionary new questions, providing access to essential results. Ask yourself:

- Are you unclear about YOUR purpose on earth?

- Are you LIVING the life you love - or existing?

- Have you created thrilling, real business INNOVATION?

- Are you at the SOURCE of socio-cultural transformation?

Gordon thrives on a challenge, energetically inspiring anybody to grow far beyond old contexts and limits. Both on a personal level and/or in an innovative business context, he provides consistent, essential and effective guidance for his clients leading to unprecedented growth that results in a newly empowered life that matters.

Gordon is a member of the ICF & IAC coaching bodies and is affiliated with the Neuroscience Coaching Institute.

Gordon partners with an incredible international team of RADICAL results coaches including


Proud of his native Northern Irish home, Gordon traveled first to Southampton University, England to attain his BA degree in Linguistics, became fluent in French and began his love affair with the enabling power of technology in people's lives. He worked in London and continental Europe before completing his Masters in Software Engineering at Napier University, Scotland, focusing on Human to Computer Interaction. He moved to the USA in 1999 to consult with businesses primarily around Experience Design. Gradually the work became much more about the people than the systems. He is now working towards a PhD in Social Psychology through Walden University.

Gordon loves his life and especially spending time with his young son Ronan (born 2008) as often as he can. For "fun", Gordon runs ultramarathons, learns from e-books and writes - though not simultaneously.

Clients: Academia, Corporations, Businesses

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