Change is hard for everybody

Change is always difficult and even more so in the technology and consulting game where we need to manage multiple requirements from multiple stakeholders. So it is rather enlightening therefore to compare how different organizations cope. Our pals at ZD net have an interesting post on how Apple, Microsoft and Ubuntu approach perhaps the most troubling change of all to technologists changing your O/S.

This all helps convince me how Agile as a methodology with it’s “work from a vision and do the next easiest set of things we can do” approach is going to end up dominating the way we do businesses and the old “build a big heavy plan and then try and live with it”.

There is just something so beautiful about living in Agile and delivering the next set of small, incremental changes on a regular basis, knowing you’re part of a bigger guiding vision, not worrying too much about everyting that’s next until you really have to.

The nicest thing for me about Agile User Experience is that we roll out a lovely carpet of successful options ahead of the development team to help guide them.