Speed of Change

Yet another rif: on being human on one of my own rifs, namely that “technological change moves at a different speed than human change” (surprise). So periodically we need to course-correct and check in on humans as well as technology and see if we can’t keep them collaborating. Like any good relationship we need to constantly assess it in light of new information and events.

Microsoft notes that there is quite a lot of both excitement and trepidation out there around redefining HCI. I am glad about that. It means we have sat with our old ways of thinking and our old data>information>knowledge>wisdom systems for too long and that the only true to path to progress is constant assessment and change…all of which evokes a range of emotions in people.

The PDF is available for download. Are we ready to start looking at the psych-sociological underpinnings to our work in User Experience Design for 2020. I think so. Power to the “people ready” people! What do you think?