Designing our future, through a new approach to education and mentorship

ESSENTIAL methods for meaningful conversations: The Art of Hosting: – simply mind-blowing.

Process framework approach: [not the extremes of chaos or control systems nor even solely the order we seek in the middle of them but an orderly framework forming a pathway at the overlap of chaos and order that allows for human “chaos” to reign freely within safe orderly bounds]. We can actually design a chaordic system that allows us to continue to grow and learn all the time.

Collaboration process: AGILE started in the software world but can apply directly to any situation where we have a team focused on a project which contains a lot of change:

Our American future is NOT in math and science: Curriculum for the 21st. Century, January 27, 2008, Patrick F. Bassett, NAIS. This PowerPoint presents the theme of “right-brained” creativity, rooted in Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, exploring the implications for teaching and learning in 21st Century schools. It examines the six core competencies of our right-brained future and illustrates exercises related to each: design, story, symphony, empathy, play, and meaning. **PLEASE NOTE — This is a rather large file (49 MB). For a more efficient viewing experience, please right-click on the link to save a copy to your desktop.
Right-brained Future [MS Powerpoint]: