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April 22, 2009

Future Innovtion Bets for Ireland

I was back in Dublin last night giving an Innovation Leaders talk at the Dublin Institute of Technology. As one would expect conversation was lively and questions direct and in some cases provocative. We talked about everything from innovation in public sector and future of the workplace through to national innovation strategies and views on toxic asset bailouts – good or bad?

Subsequent discussions over dinner prompted another view of which countries are role models (Finland, Singapore etc) and if the Irish Government were to be bold and do what Finland did with its investment in Nokia in the last ’80s, where should it place its big bet. Referring back to previous opinions about the need for global leadership and high stickiness, the answer was unequivocal – enable the accelerated convergence of food and pharma and support development of next generation nutraceuticals in companies like Glanbia. Already a strong company in the space, focused technological support coupled with typical Irish investment could make Glanbia as major a player as Nestle and provide a significant and sustainable growth platform for the nation.

The outstanding question from dinner was however, in the current economic environment, would any politician be so bold as to place such a clear but focused bet on the future?

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