Market reaction to HTC Flyer tablet PC positive, says CEO

Daniel Shen, Barcelona; Willie Teng, DIGITIMES [Friday 18 February 2011]

Market reaction to HTC’s Flyer tablet PC has been quite positive and most telecom carriers in Europe are expected to add it to their offerings, company CEO Peter Chou said at the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Some companies have launched tablet PC to be fashionable, but their products failed to differentiate, Chou pointed out, adding that 70-80% of the tablet PC probably will not sell well and could destroy the market. Though HTC is relatively late to the game, the company has provided a different user experience to compete, he said.

Chou indicated the HTC Flyer incorporates content service features such as HTC Watch and onLive, but HTC is not planning to sell movies and games online. HTC is aiming to improve the user experience by bringing closer together content applications and mobile devices, and for such a comprehensive merge to happen, it takes good strategic alliances, Chou said. Before investments, HTC usually evaluate very carefully whether an alliance could bring benefit to its main business, he added.

In regards to the Nokia/Microsoft deal, Chou believes they are doing what they need to do and should have a positive influence on the industry. HTC is one of the earliest supporters of the Windows Phone 7 platform and the entry of Nokia will provide new opportunities for the operating system, said Chou.

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