Meet the 13 Companies that Came Out on Top at the "Launch" event.

Over the past two days, CEOs and co-founders took the stage, presented their product and then answered to a panel of judges. All the while, a “grand jury” of angels, founders and pundits (as well as ReadWriteWeb’s own Marshall Kirkpatrick) kept a running tally of the presenting companies to pass final judgment .

40 companies were initially chosen to present on stage and a number of other companies were picked by judges to come up from the “Launch Pad”. Now, 13 winners will be chosen with five coming from the “Launch 1.0” group, which consists of brand new companies, and five from the “Launch 2.0” group, which consists of existing companies introducing new products.

Here are the winners:

  • Most Likely to Be Acquired in the Next 100 Days: Shoefitr
  • Best Design (Launch Pad):
  • Best Technology (Launch Pad): Fluid Info
  • Best Business (Launch Pad): Gripe Line
  • Best Overall (Launch Pad): Green Goose
  • Best Technology (Launch 2.0): Disconnect
  • Best Design (Launch 2.0): Hipmunk
  • Best Overall (Launch 2.0): Stack Overflow
  • Best Presentation (Launch 1.0): LifeProof Cases
  • Best Business Model (Launch 1.0): Volta
  • Best Design (Launch 1.0): Cabana
  • Best Technology (Launch 1.0): NeuAer
  • Best Overall (Launch 1.0): Room 77
  • Beyond awards, it was also announced that Green Goose closed a $500k round and more than a dozen deals were signed over the past two days.

    While the grand jury may have spoken, there’s one award we have to give away ourselves: the best presentation at a conference ever. Meet Domo.

    An interesting view into the future…