What I hate about the 4-hour work week …

This isn’t going to be the most eloquent post every, but i think there will be some validity to it.

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Let’s look at the facts.
(1) Tim ferris is a PRINCETON grad….and yes I know we’ve all heard the myth that “brains don’t matter”…it runs rampant in the entreprenuerial world…but brains do help things along – think google – they are no slouches. Perhaps Tim can do things that other people simply can not do. Much in the same way that Shaq can write a “how to” on basketball.
(2) Tim GAMES THE SYSTEM. That’s his personality. He’s all about shortcuts. At the end of the day, do you want to look at your life and say – wow, I shortcut my way through life. Don’t believe me? He brags about winning a very well-respected martial arts tournament by manipulating his body weight and taking advantage of a loophole in the system that allows him to toss guys out of the ring. So you’ve got guys who dedicated their lives to this sport – and tim comes in – analyzes a weakness. A business lesson? Yes. A good way to live your life? Questionable.
(3) Tim values adventure. He’s an adventure seeker. And that’s cool. But not everyone is, some people like comfort, safety and security. Not because they are oppressed by the man, but because they like to sit by the fireplace with their wife and know that money will be coming in twice a month. Is this tim’s personal philosophy? no. But is it right for him to group everyone who thinks this way as a victim? no. Does he? Well, yea, sorta…
(4) Tim’s big message is this. LIFE IS A RACE. Screw the process – just get results following my “life hacks”. Work sucks. Don’t grow up. Don’t get a job. Don’t save – spend – because you might die. If you want a sports car get one – don’t worry about that because (insert smartly crafted, hard to refute arguement #94).  Think you really want to work? Think again. Look at me. I dance tango, lift weights, and travel using an american express. I don’t answer emails because im too busy figuring out how to beat martial arts masters, don’t bother me – i’m too busy figuring out how to launch my book.
(5) Oh an finally, i hate to say it but his fortune is in a bunch of pills that don’t work.  I used to wrestle back in high school, i watched kids as they popped his pills and then wondered where their money (and results) went. Seriously.
At the end of the day I think you need to, as michael suggests, figure out what you are really all about.
At the end of the day tim ferris is an advocate of SURFACE LEVEL THINKING – he’s just personally a very good salesman, and sharp as a knife.
The choice is yours…
Apologies for the vitriolic nature of this rant.
Didn’t intend for it to get like this.
David Z


This @mcage guy really is pretty smart and passionate about being an entrepreneur…