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Zen To Done: The Simple Productivity E-Book!

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Zen To Done is a simple system to get you more organized and productive, and keep your life saner and less stressed, with a set of habits.

Zen To Done takes some of the best aspects of a few popular productivity systems (GTD, Stephen Covey and others) and combines them with the mandate of simplicity. It makes things as simple as possible, and no more.

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Reader testimonial: “I had always dabbled in trying to establish some sort of productivity habits, but GTD and everything similar seemed too intensive to realistically implement. ZTD and its simplicity make perfect sense to me.” Christopher

What is ZTD?

Simply put,  ZTD teaches you:

  1. The key habits needed to be productive, organized, and simplified … and no more than that.
  2. How to implement these key habits … tips on forming a habit.
  3. How to organize these habits into a simple system that will keep everything in your life in its place.
  4. How to simplify what you need to do.
  5. Minimal ZTD. Also includes an even simpler version called Minimal ZTD.

Hundreds of readers have written to me with comments about how ZTD has changed their lives, made them more organized and less stressed, and has worked better than other productivity systems. It’s definitely worth a try.

Why buy the e-book?
A number of reasons:

  1. It’s handy. All the articles are gathered in one easy-to-read e-book, making it easy to print stuff out, read it on any computer, or take it with you.
  2. There’s more material. This ebook includes the essential productivity concepts written about here on Zen Habits, and more, from an FAQ to a practical application of ZTD in my everyday life to resources to forms and more. More on this stuff below.
  3. Forms. I decided to give a sample of how you could set up ZTD with some simple forms. Of course, ZTD is flexible … you don’t need to use these forms, but I thought they’d be useful.
  4. Resources. Links to articles and tools are available in the e-book.
  5. FAQ. A number of readers had questions/comments about ZTD that I thought I’d answer in the e-book. I think this will be a useful feature.
  6. Snazzy new look. The e-book was designed by James Wondrack, and he did a great job.

Pricing: To keep the book affordable, I’m pricing it at $9.50 … less than $10 for something that can improve your life right away … and again, with author tech support! 🙂

Buy the ZTD e-book now:

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Reader testimonial: “I’d say that the minimalist system is a safe first step. The beauty is, of course, that it needn’t be just a first step: it works as it is and some people don’t need to go any further.” Jeff

Table of Contents:

1 Why ZTD?
2 Overview – What is it?
3 Minimal ZTD – the simpler alternative
4 Forming the 10 Habits
5 Habit 1: Collect
6 Habit 2: Process
7 Habit 3: Plan
8 Habit 4: Do
9 Habit 5: Simple, trusted system
10 Habit 6: Organize
11 Habit 7: Review
12 Habit 8: Simplify
13 Habit 9: Routine
14 Habit 10: Find Your Passion
15 A Day with Zen To Done
17 Resources

NEW: Buy the perfect companion to this best-selling productivity ebook: The Essential Motivation Handbook.

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