experts & advisors

Current ATSTAR Advisory Board

Throughout product development,, ATSTAR ensured that
the Quality Indicators for Assistive
Technology (QIAT)
were strictly adhered to by thoroughly integrating
six of the nation’s lead thinkers in the area of assistive technology
into the curriculum development process. ATSTAR’s key consultants

  1. Gayl Bowser, Coordinator
    of the Oregon Technology Access Program
  2. Diana Carl, Director of
    assistive technology and Preview Services, Texas State Education
    Service Center Region IV, Houston, TX
  3. Kelly Fonner, an independent
    educational and assistive technology consultant
  4. Terry Lankutis, an
    independent assistive technology specialist from Montana with
    a focus in the integration of assistive technology in rural
  5. Penny Reed, Director of
    the Wisconsin assistive technology
    Initiative (WATI)
  6. Joy Zabala, an independent
    professional developer and consultant, founder of the Quality
    Indicators for Assistive Technology and representative of Assistive
    Technology and Leadership.
  7. Carye Edelman, Assistive Technology Specialist, Austin Independent School District
  8. Jan McSorley, Assistive Technology Specialist, Austin Independent School District

These consultants have literally molded the vision and direction
of the ATSTAR Program and have given it a national scope.


Diana CarlDirector,
Assistive Technology and Preview Services
Gayl Bowser
– Coordinator,
Oregon Technology Access Program (OTAP)
Kelly Fonner – Independent Educational and Assistive Technology Consultant
Penny Reed – Director,
Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative
Terry Lankutis
Independent Assistive Technology Specialist
Sharron Rush – Knowbility Accessibility Consultant
Kirk Walker
– Knowbility Accessibility Consultant
Joy Zabala
Independent Professional Developer and Consultant
Dan Brown – Independent Accessibility Consultant

ATSTAR Core Team

Carye Edelman – AISD Special Education Technology Facilitator
Henry McMahon – Budget/Parent Advocate
Jan McSorley – AISD ATSTAR Grant Contact
Julie Miller – AISD Speech/Language Pathologist and Assistive
Technology Specialist
Piret Sari-Tate – AISD Assistive Technology Specialist


Austin Independent
School District (AISD)

Austin Harvard School
Austin Community College
Education Service Center,
Region XIII

Far South Community Schools
Sylvan Learning Centers of Austin
University of Texas at Austin


University of Texas Austin
Community Options Inc./Pass-It-On Program
Knowbility, Inc.
LBJ High School/Student Technology Administrative Council

Intern Web Designers

Doug Glenn
LaTanya Titus

Advisory Board Members

Carye Edelman – Austin ISD
James Albright – Austin Community College
Kelli Beck – Sylvan Learning Centers of Austin
Kim Belknap – Austin Harvard School
Ron Brey – Austin Community College
Becky Burnett – Region XIII
Debi Burson – Texas Center for Educational Technology
Gordon Falk – Sylvan Learning Centers of Austin
Mike Gerhardt – University of Texas
Diane Gustafson – Austin ISD
Henry McMahon – Austin Independent School District’s Special
Education Citizen Advisory Council
Jan McSorley – Austin ISD
Julie Miller – Austin ISD
Beverly Rodgers – Texas Center for Educational Technology
Sharron Rush – Knowbility Inc.
Piret Sari-Tate – Austin ISD