Changing the way alternate email addresses work for Google Calendar – Google Calendar Help

The way you receive Google Calendar invitations sent to email addresses associated with your Google Account account has changed.

Before, if you had an alternate email address associated with a Google Account, an invitation sent by another Google Calendar user might have reached only your Google Account address.

For example, let’s say your Gmail address is, and you’ve added as an alternate email address on that account. A Google Calendar invitation to might have gone to only.

This has changed as of 4/18/2011. Now, invitations sent to one of your alternate email addresses will go directly to the alternate email address, rather than your associated Google Account address. Your Google Account username will not appear on the invite.

See alternate email addresses associated with your account by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Account at
  2. Click the Edit link next to the Email addresses section under Personal Settings
  3. The email addresses listed at the bottom of the page are your account’s alternate email addresses

This change won’t affect the following:

  • Your ability to sign in and recover your password using your alternate email address.
  • Primary email addresses on non-Gmail Google Apps domains (i.e. addresses not ending in or Google Apps users can continue to use alternate email addresses to collect invites sent to a primary email address.
  • The way that Google Docs and Google Sites treat alternate email addresses.

If you still want to keep seeing all your invitations in one place, remove the alternate email addresses from your Google Account by following the steps here. Then, create separate Google Calendar accounts for each of your alternate email addresses. Share the calendars for each of these accounts with your main Google Account with Make changes AND manage sharing rights. You’ll see the calendars listed under My calendars on the left and will be able to view invitations received to these accounts within your main Google Account.

Learn more about alternate email addresses.