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Dreams Do Come True

Well, 4 years ago, I set off to live with my parents and begin my trek back into education. I’ve always known that my destiny lay somewhere in that realm but I was never quite sure how. I taught in the classroom for over 6 years and worked on countless educational publishing and software projects. The thing about education and affecting true change is that it is very difficult to do. I mean, you can get starts and fits but there is very little oxygen out there to sustain true innovation.

I’ve always felt like I was meant to have a larger impact beyond one classroom or school. I want to create infrastructure that drives and sustains a culture of achievement among our youth. In 4 years, we have come quite a distance. Sitting in a room surrounded by 9 It Could Be U Camp staff along with Dr, Thomas Darwin (UT Intellectual Entrepreneurship Initiative) and Jannelle Monney (Former SVP, Freescale Semi-Conductor) it was a bit surreal. My dream is coming true. We are making the change that I imagined years ago…

I am so pleased that I am joined by such an impressive roster of people from all walks of life. My challenge now is to let my child grow up and take on a life of its own.


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