Leadership: Inventing the future

Stimulating people to act and giving them the power to do so is one of the most important differences between companies that stagnate and those that develop and sustain a competitive edge. http://som.gmu.edu/lead

Designed for individuals at all levels from top executives to emerging leaders, Leadership: Inventing the Future is a three-day program that expands leadership capacity, improving corporate performance and positioning organizations to thrive.

You will:

  • gain a direct access to being an effective, action-oriented leader
  • address the critical factors that drive human performance and creating value
  • move beyond hidden assumptions that block personal and organizational agility
  • create a climate of innovation and informed risk taking
  • mobilize people to generate and implement far-reaching, substantive change

Participants gain fresh perspectives and enhanced ability to lead people successfully in taking on the company’s future as their own—creating the generative force of the organization.  http://som.gmu.edu/lead