The social business 101 seminar

  1. What do I do next to empower collaboration in the business I love?
  2. What is all this social media stuff, is it real and how can I use it?
  3. Who can I become in my business in creating a culture that enables graceful success?

I am offering this seminar to provide you with practical guidance on how to manage your business in our new Social era. Primarily, we will look at the future of what it means to be a Social Business and what you can do to make the most of all the time and trouble-saving ideas, products and services that are out there to drive your business and your life to greater freedom, fun and financial success! If you’re a small business, solo practitioner or even a go-getter in a bigger team then this seminar is the one for you.

We will explore the next step for your business across the 4 key areas of:

  • Business processes (selling value, building efficiency)
  • Technology usage (social media, mobile, web)
  • Leadership development (losing the fear – aware, bold, clear)
  • Cultural awareness (exploring the invisible context of your business)

To achieve this we will use my new model (10+ years in the baking, based on my broad international business experience) which we call: Xovation – innovation focused outwards, where people are the next technology™

AGENDA: The event has 4 parts:

  1. Networking with me and other business professionals facing similar challenges
  2. Main presentation around Xovation and what that means to your business
  3. Review of a few select businesses in light of the Xovation methodology
  4. Question & Answer session