Coaching and Corporate consulting

Carolina creates unique agreements with corporate clients based on their particular needs. She coaches the owners/executives of the company directly. The appropriate implementation, through out the remainder of the company, is carried out by her highly trained and skilled team of coaches working with various management teams. The ratio of Carolina’s time to her coach’s time in the beginning, with the executive team, is 80% Carolina and 20% her coaching team working with the rest of the company. In the implementation phases the ratio will alter moving towards 20% Carolina with the executive team and 80% her coaching team with the rest of the company. A typical corporate agreement would be anywhere from 10-20 hours total a week depending on the phase of the business we are working on. We can step into any phase of a company; from start-up to well established companies with urgent situations.

Some of the needs we address with our corporate clients include:

  • Company Vision creation and implementation
  • Re-organization/ Re-structuring
  • Product and service transformation
  • Re-branding
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing strategies
  • Management reassessment, development & training
  • Profit increases
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Effectiveness

Some specific outcomes include:

  • Goals with specific measurable results are developed and met with speed and and ease
  • Clarity and focus are generated through vision driven goal definition
  • Momentum is created through radical actions steps
  • Clear understanding of accountability among team members is established
  • Obstacles to success are identified and techniques are implemented in order to break through them
  • Strategic planning accomplished with focus on vision, mission, and values
  • Relationship inter-dependencies are identified that are critical to your consistent success
  • Fail-proof work initiatives are planned and designed
  • Processes and structures are created to execute the plans
  • Necessary roles, skills, and competencies are identified and fulfilled on
  • Accountability and responsibilities are defined and assigned

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