Coaching plans

All of our plans are designed to provide you with breakthrough transformational conversations. Our plans are designed to fit any budget or level of urgency. Naturally the more time we have in conversation with you, per month, the faster we can move you AND you will move with any plan. Our suggestion for picking a plan is to look at the urgency of your situation and create a plan that will propel you forward at the speed you want to move. Know that once we start working with you momentum will build quickly and areas of your life and/or business, like your finances, will begin to alter immediately. Most of our clients start immediately with a plan that is a stretch for them both time wise and money wise then swiftly move to upper level plans as we transform their weekly cash flow and productivity. We also allow for mixing plans to accommodate times when our clients have more or less urgency.

We have a 6-month minimum with all of our plans. We have found, in working with clients at all levels, that it takes that long to distinguish old patterns that are not serving clients, establish new patterns that will produce the new vision they create for themselves and/or their businesses and implement all of the changes that are necessary to keep the new patterns in place such that they become a way of life and/or business. The patterns we have were not created overnight and dismantling them takes commitment. New patterns require diligent daily/weekly/monthly practice in order for clients to completely own them as their own. Results will begin to show immediately and we will be there each step along the way until you do not need us any more.

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