A book review of: The multiple responsibilities of and within organizations: An interpretation of the structure of W. Edwards Deming’s Quality system including the correlation of personality roles with Quality “points”

Personality and intelligence are really much bigger aspects of human awareness and therefore openings for new action than most people really understand. Thrilling work.

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The logic, of Quality systems, encompasses a greater domain than commonly appreciated. The explicit logic, underpinning Quality, models systemic interrelationships that exist among Dr. Deming’s points, enabling the correlation of Quality systems with structurally parallel personality types. This facilitates training and increases employee satisfaction. The confusions, between processes and systems as well as between jobs and roles, are examined as obstacles to understanding and applying Quality. This review discusses the two parts of the book covering a refined model for Quality, Part 1, and descriptions of the eight essential Quality frameworks, and their respective stakeholders, Part 2.

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Keywords: Deming; Quality; personality types; systems; processes; roles; jobs; frameworks; management; employees.

1. Introduction

In the spirit of Dr. Deming’s work the author has been searching for a practical approach to logic that recognizes the struggle between…

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