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Transformation coaching is simply a set of CONVERSATIONS to holistically upgrade every area of your life, as a visionary leader: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We find your signal in all the noise, so that together we can design the truest, highest, best experience for YOUR life.

We work at 3 primary levels: personal, organisational and global transformation.

You’re the next big thing™

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IS THIS YOU? Our ideal clients are visionary leaders and coaches looking to consciously create more value for themselves, their teams, business, humanity and the world-at-large.

Clients report outcomes from this holistic transformation work such as:

  1. FREEDOM: Gaining a true sense of profound freedom, authenticity and being at peace in the daily choices you are making: in your work, how you’re relaxing and resting, when you’re having fun and playing as well as with your family and communities
  2. INTEGRITY: Knowing that everything in your life is working out according to an integrated plan which is much bigger and better than that which had been controlling you
  3. CLARITY: Feeling crystal clear and focused around situations in life and business, much happier, less stressed, more space, more breathing room, more at ease with yourself and others, going with the flow, being more capable to surrendering to and create from, the present moment
  4. DISCIPLINE: Being grounded in this 3D physical world but not trapped by it into having to do certain things a certain way and yet having the rock-solid discipline to create the context you need


In the bigger picture, our approach sits inside a system we call Exovation – experiential innovation – an evolved way to awaken to a new consciousness and experience of life, across multiple dimensions. This is a personal strategic transformation framework which:

  • removes blockages for Decisive Action
  • provides clear focus for Conscious Conversations
  • develops mastery for Being YOU
  • allows emergence for Authentic Awareness

The grand intention is to create newly from deep inside the individual’s core soul mission outwards. This is the “inside job” needed to meet the global community demands of the coming exponential human evolution of the 2020s that we are calling #wave21. Indeed, we ultimately foresee a global Council forming.


With this unique, new, exciting conversation-based program we partner to create profound lasting transformation (not simple, short-term, slippery changes) from at least one dimensional level above what we call: our areas of given 3D-reality, behavioural conditioning. Typical areas reported as BENEFICIALLY IMPACTED for past and current clients are:

  • life purpose
  • business innovation
  • relationships
  • abundance
  • communication
  • better decisions
  • team building
  • time management
  • confidence
  • freedom
  • discipline
  • clarity
  • happiness
  • fitness
  • getting unstuck
  • and overall bliss, every single day.

We do not work only on the results you’re currently having, what you’re doing (or not) and instead begin to focus up higher, wider and more energetically, on who you are being on the inside.

This whole modality finally emerged for me, as coach, after a decade of profoundly experiencing, studying, researching, designing and finally integrating everything I received into a single, simple, guiding framework. So now, this system allows us to take action to co-create your fully upgraded life, step-by-step. The program has been tested in the real world and I am deeply proud of the 100s of clients who’ve taught me too as much as they themselves have benefitted from the development process.


Week by week, through our guided conversations, you’ll experience the daily emergence of who YOU truly always have been. You’ll be trained to keep what works and let go of the rest, in the process building new stronger brain pathways to keep you on track long into the future.

We scale your vision, upwards and outwards each week with real-world assignments, structures and action. The work expands progressively and graciously, with each conversation, according to how many old patterns you feel comfortable addressing and paced as quickly as you’d like. Soon old barriers seem almost humourous.

As I’m sure you’ve seen with so many other programs, seminars, workshops, gurus, books, videos that regardless of starting point, anything less than this holistic approach only creates more self-sabotage, distraction and spinning wheels, often for years or even a lifetime!

How we do this work is together through naturally learning the tools of a new, energetic, simple, structured and exponentially powerful conversation model. We learn to communicate better with ourselves and our teams, often noticing when the space of silence/stillness is the most powerful communication.

Luckily, you do not need to learn all the intricacies of the framework system itself. Though nothing is hidden, that part is my job as your partner and guide behind the scenes.

What you will learn is a wholly new, specific way to tailor a personal approach and actually deliver the gift of your life to the world. Yes. Honestly. That!

You’re the next big thing™

If you are already a visionary leader, coach, an executive, leader, entrepreneur, business owner, light-worker, consultant or even more simply, somebody who just wants to do something to have the world work better then you’re in the right place.

Together we partner to bring our special forces to bear, find your signal in the noise and support the fulfillment of your purpose. 

It’s now time for *YOU* to receive your long-overdue, multi-dimensional, conscious awareness upgrades, so that you can finally do the work that you came to this Earth to accomplish.

Get into new action for new results. Transform into the bigger, better, faster and happier version of you! The world needs and wants you, NOW. You’ve got this. I’ve got you.

Best of all, you get to write your own “ideal life time-line” contract to which I become accountable in supporting you to deliver. Yes! How cool is that!?

~Gordon Montgomery BA, MSc.

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