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  • Straight talk
  • Skilfully designed questions & inquiries that allow for immediate transformation of literally anything that has been in your way, is slowing you down and/or stopping you from having life and/or your business look EXACTLY the way you want it to
  • A demand for actions and results
  • Rigor – Irreverent, unorthodox conversations, assignments and implementations
  • Radical off-the-charts, unimaginable results
  • Immediate and quantum leaps at an unprecedented rate
  • Compassionate Partners who have the utmost respect for who you REALLY are and what you are REALLY up to.

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Chief Culture Officer – what IS that?

http://bbh-labs.com/so-what-exactly-is-a-chief-culture-officer His most recent book is Chief Culture Officer. McCracken argues that every company needs a chief cultural officer to anticipate cultural trends rather than passively waiting and reacting. CCOs should have the ability to process massive amounts of data and spot crucial developments among an array of possibilities; they will be able to see the future coming, no matter which industry they serve, and create value for shareholders, move product, create profit and increase the bottom line.