Gordon Montgomery | Life & Business Coach | 512 299 3637 | twitter: @gmeta

Coaching – Personal 1-on-1 Coaching for you or your company. We co-create with you the life you know you’d love and the essential performance strategies in how to get exactly that

Consulting – Digital business strategy around user experience, innovation and unprecedented success for your mobile, social, web products and services

Facilitation – Group Organization and Planning

Speaking – I speak passionately to larger groups about 21st century, personal, cultural business innovation, how to live from your true essence and produce extraordinary results.

Gordon Montgomery | Consultant | | 512 299 3637 |  @gmeta

Hire me to (a) coach you, or your company creating with you the life you know you’d love and the radical performance strategies in how to get it (b) advise you as a Social Business Consultant around innovation and radical success for your mobile, social, web products and services (c) speak passionately to larger groups about 21st century, personal, cultural business innovation, how to live radically and produce radical results.

Contact me via and +1 (512) 299 3637, Austin, Texas [CST]

Strategy consulting: Transforming individuals and teams within business and academia, large and small, such that, through focused conversation and the subsequent actions, we all work together to put the past behind us and learn to create more engaging, productive and satisfying ways of earning a living in the 21st century. We create possibilities for the re-generation of the work force through the rapid and judicious application of business process engineering, right-technology-right-time delivery and leadership empowerment that grow the culture, community and world-at-large in unprecedented, outrageous and high-performing ways – we even have a great quick-start process called wrap 

Insight consulting:  Where People are the next technology™ We believe that the complete answer to the ever increasing chasm between technology and humans’ ability to interact with it to get tasks completed (and simply “be happier”), already exists, partly, in all of us. We just need to connect, collaborate and communicate effectively as communities in a tightly aligned and responsible manner for the change to come to us all. “Social Business in all of its senses is likely to impact all of us more and more, becoming “just the way of daily life”. We believe in helping others comprehend, navigate and benefit from the future, specifically in the world of  “work”. We believe in helping others to be brilliant. We have a small set services that start to help that transformation come about.

Radical Results Coaching: Our coaching is not about simply improving or changing things. It is Transformational Coaching. We are purpose and vision creators. Our coaching is not soft. Our coaching is not common. It is RADICAL and rigorous. We know that you would not be hiring a coach if you were not willing to alter the way you have been doing things to produce new results. New results require commitment and a willingness to dig in and be coachable. We will start by partnering with you to create your true purpose and vision for your future, your life and /or your business. We will have you QUIT: settling, tolerating and making do with things in your business or life that is anything short of your absolute vision. We will have you START winning, being empowered, leading, taking control, making quantum leaps and having life an/ or your business look and run exactly as you want it to. Fulfilling on your dreams is not an air-fairy concept – it is based on real, on-the-court breakthroughs with consistent intentional actions. We know the questions to ask, we know the work to do and we will hold you and ourselves accountable for those actions and producing radical results.

The international team: Find out more about my fellow coaches here:

Contact me via and +1 (512) 299 3637,  Austin, Texas [CST]

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