Evolutionary Coaching is a process where one person facilitates the planning, development and action of others, in order that the individual and/or group can bring about real deep, lasting transformation, not simply a shiny change, in their work/lives. As such, this mode of work does not intend to be advice giving, consulting, mentoring or basic life coaching per se and does not involve the coach using their own experience or opinions as the primary form of guidance. It’s about activating the upgraded and evolved version of YOU and your life’s work.

  • An exciting, fun range of programs offered to match your and indeed my own needs to deliver amazing results for you, my prospective client in your situation.
  • All programs broadly follow the core Exovation system.
  • All programs differ in terms of various vectors such as speed, intensity, scope, focus or outcome.
  • All programs handle the full energetic range of spiritual mental, emotional and physical aspects of your situation
  • All programs start off in blocks of 12 sessions spread, regularly across 3 months, 45 minutes, once per week over the phone
  • All programs have daily e-support unless otherwise stated in that particular program’s details.

The 4 concentric Program levels:

  1. Conversations for new performance is a simple and straight-forward program to explore new possibilities in a structured manner through productive conversations.
  2. The Core System is the primary, full program that most first-time clients take on. Highly recommended for all levels of new, desired performance outcomes.
  3. Quantum Leap is for those hungry, ready and willing to leap from the simple, and incremental to the high-end, where they are experiencing a wholly new way of being. This typically is in one single area of life and/or business.
  4. Graceful Interruption Transformation is the most fun and high-performance program that is for true leaders and their teams who are up to stopping past conditioning in its tracks and creating something wholly new instead. Gracefully.


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