Breathe deeply!

  1. Evolutionary wellbeing coaching is rooted in powerful CONVERSATIONS designed to exponentially question & upgrade everything that is valuable to you.
  2. To be a modern, visionary leader is to learn to operate within an energeticfuturistic & holistic system.
  3. All dimensions of your life’s work, therefore, must be examined: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Don’t give up!

  • Are you feeling stuck, fighting with some area of life or work?
  • Are you “doing fine”, yet you’re tired and don’t experience any real energy or passion?
  • Are you out of ideas, debating where to go, needing to decide, get organized and into action?
  • Are you just obeying what you think you should be doing; what’s expected of you?
  • Are you on a continual treadmill of: doing this, then that, in order to eventually feel some way?

AND…here are the top 5 wishes of the dying (albeit, a bit morbid):

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

What is Coaching?

Evolutionary Executive Coaching is a private process where one person guides & facilitates the planning, development and action of others, in order that the individual and/or group can bring about real deep, lasting transformation – not simply a shiny change – in the execution of their work and lives. Also know as: Evolution.

As such, this mode of work does not intend to be advice giving, consulting, mentoring or basic life coaching per se and does not involve the coach using their own experience or opinions as the primary form of guidance. It’s about activating the upgraded and evolved version of YOU and your life’s work. Details below:

  • An exciting, fun range of programs offered to match your and indeed my own needs to deliver amazing results for you, my prospective client in your situation.
  • All programs broadly follow the CORE system steps of detox, focus, mastery, emergence.
  • All programs differ in terms of various vectors such as speed, intensity, scope, focus or outcome.
  • All programs handle the full energetic range of spiritual mental, emotional and physical aspects of your situation
  • All programs start off in blocks of 12 sessions spread, regularly across 3 months, 45 minutes, once per week over the phone
  • All programs have daily e-support unless otherwise stated in that particular program’s details.

PROGRAM levels:

  1. Conversations for new performance is a simple and straight-forward program to explore new possibilities in a structured manner through productive conversations.
  2. The Core System is the primary, full program that most first-time clients take on. Highly recommended for all levels of new, desired performance outcomes.
  3. CORE+ is also known as the Turnaround program. We do all the personal core work and add in profound depth around the primary patterns that have been sabotaging your success. Typically this entails a stronger business focus.
  4. Quantum Leap is for those hungry, ready and willing to make a big leap from the simple and incremental to the high-end, where they are experiencing a wholly new way of being. This typically is in one single area of life and/or business.
  5. Graceful Interruption Transformation is the most fun and high-performance program that is for true leaders and their teams who are up to stopping past-conditioning in its tracks and creating something wholly new instead. Gracefully.

Let’s start by talking.

:: What we do.

  • We guide you to the signal in all the noise, so that together we can design the truest, highest, best and most whole expression for your life’s work.
  • We enjoy taking both a first principles & guiding principles approach.
  • We present soulful innovation as an idea more important now than ever, given the evolution of the Future of Work & Culture in the 21st century, for all of humanity.
  • We work at 3 primary levels: personal, organizational & global evolution.

Are you the next big thing?

Our ideal clients are typically visionary leaders and coaches looking to powerfully, consciously and soulfully create more value for themselves, their teams, organisations and humanity-at-large.

Let’s talk: or Text: +1 561 692 6111 

:: Overview 

Clients report outcomes from this holistic evolution work in these areas:

  1. FREEDOM: Gaining a true sense of profound freedom, authenticity and being at peace in the daily choices you are making: in your work, how you’re relaxing and resting, when you’re having fun and playing as well as with your family and communities
  2. INTEGRITY: Knowing that everything in your life is working out according to an integrated plan which is much bigger and better than that which had been controlling you
  3. CLARITY: Feeling crystal clear and focused around situations in life and business, much happier, less stressed, more space, more breathing room, more at ease with yourself and others, going with your flow, being more capable to surrendering to and creating from, the present moment
  4. DISCIPLINE: Being grounded in this 3D physical world but not trapped by it into having to do certain things a certain way and yet having the rock-solid discipline to create the future context you desire

At GMETA, we are always energized by a challenge – the bigger the better. We spend our life passionately asking powerful, visionary, inspirational, new questions, providing access to essential and unprecedented RESULTS in the areas of:

Culture Purpose Emergence Why
Leadership People Engagement Who
Strategy Process Efficiency How
Innovation Product Effectiveness What
  • …and even beyond into evolving human Consciousness

:: Mission

In the bigger picture, our approach sits inside a system we call EXOVATION experiential innovation – an evolved way to awaken to a new consciousness and experience of life, across multiple dimensions. This is an organizational evolution framework, as simple as ABCD.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 8.34.54 PM

    • removing blockages to Decisive Action
    • through the provision of clear focus for Conscious Conversations
    • which develops mastery for Being YOU in all areas
    • allowed through the emergence of Authentic Awareness

The grand intention is to create newly from deep inside the individual’s core soul mission outwards. This is the “inside job” needed to meet the global community demands of the coming exponential human evolution through the 2020s that we are calling #wave21. Indeed, we ultimately foresee a global guidance Council forming.

:: Strategy


The Future of Work is the cultural context for our #PeopleAreTheNextBigThing approach. This approach includes all of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance needed to be conscious of, excel and EVOLVE beyond the common human conditioning, inside of which we all grew up. The impact is experienced in what truly matters in life, for individuals, groups, organizations and the planet.

Whilst it is true to say we are more abundant as a planet than ever before in human history, it would not be true to say that that abundance is being evenly shared. That should be of concern to all of us in our inter-reliant global societies, as we move from Capitalism through technology to Talentism.

EXOVATION is a strategic framework for cultural evolution in decisive business areas such as  value, ideas, influencemeaning and context.

The strategy is intentionally to create newly, in an area invisible to most people, from deep inside the individual’s core soul mission (6th Dimension) through to the visible reality of the 3rd Dimension. This is the #InsideJob needed to meet the Business and Cultural demands of the coming exponential human evolution of the 2020s for which we coined the term #wave21.

With this unique, new, exciting conversation-based approach we partner to create a profound, lasting framework for your evolution (not simple, short-term, slippery changes) from higher dimensional levels (there are 12 dimensional levels) directly affecting what we call the behavioral conditioning of our given 3D-reality.

Tangible beneficial impacts for past and current clients are:

  • life purpose
  • business innovation
  • business culture
  • value systems
  • relationships
  • abundance
  • communication
  • better decisions
  • team building
  • time management
  • confidence
  • freedom
  • discipline
  • clarity
  • happiness
  • soulfulness
  • fitness
  • just getting unstuck
  • and overall joyfulness, every day.

We work, not only on the results you’re currently having, on what you’re doing (or not) and instead begin to focus up higher, wider and more energetically, on who you are BEING on the inside including the wisdom you’re allowing to flow through you.

:: Tactics

This whole modality finally emerged after a decade of profoundly experiencing, studying, researching, designing and finally integrating everything received and downloaded into a single, simple, guiding framework.

So now, this system allows us to take action to co-create your fully upgraded life, step-by-step. The program has been tested in the real world and we’re deeply proud of the 100s of clients who’ve taught us too as much as they themselves have benefitted from the development process.

How COACHING works is that week-by-week, through our guided conversations, typically 12 sessions spread over only 90 days initially, you’ll experience the daily emergence of who YOU truly always have been. You’ll be trained to keep what works and surrender the rest, in the process building new stronger brain pathways to keep you on track long into the future.

We scale your vision, upwards and outwards each week with real-world assignments, structures and action. The work evolves progressively and graciously, with each conversation, according to how many old patterns you feel comfortable addressing and paced as quickly as you’d like. Soon old barriers seem almost humorous.

As I’m sure you’ve seen with so many other programs, seminars, workshops, gurus, books, videos that regardless of starting point, trying to move forward without a full holistic approach such as Exovation, only creates more self-sabotage, distraction and spinning wheels, often for years or even a lifetime!

How we do this work is together through naturally learning the tools of a new, energetic, simple, structured and exponentially powerful conversation model. We learn to communicate more clearly with ourselves and those around us, often noticing when the space of silence/stillness is the most powerful communication.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Luckily, you do not need to burden yourself with learning all of the intricacies of the framework system itself. Though nothing is hidden, the intricacies of how the framework works are the part of the activities that we’re happy to own as your partner and guide behind the scenes.

What you will learn is a wholly new, specific way to tailor a personal approach and actually deliver on the gift of your life to the world. Yes. Honestly. That!

You’re the next big thing™

If you are already a visionary leader, coach, an executive, leader, entrepreneur, business owner, light-worker, consultant or even more simply, somebody who just wants to do something to have the world work better then you’re in the right place.

Together we partner to bring our special forces to bear, find your signal in the noise and support the fulfillment of your purpose. 

It’s now time for *YOU* to receive your long-overdue, multi-dimensional, conscious awareness upgrades, so that you can finally do the work that you came to this Earth to accomplish.

Get into new action for new results. Evolve into the bigger, better, faster and happier version of you! The world needs and wants you, NOW. You’ve got this. I’ve got you.

Best of all, you get to identify your own “ideal life time-line” soul contract to which I become accountable in supporting you to deliver. Yes! How cool is that!?

~Gordon Montgomery BA, MSc.

:: Contact.

CONTACT: or Text/Whatsapp: +1 561 692 6111 

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