Quantum Leap

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Got a big problem right now that you’d like solved and solved forever?

  1. Maybe there’s an issue that keeps coming up again and again like a fairground game of whack-a-mole (which as a vegan I am strongly opposed to ha!)?
  2. Maybe that issue you’re facing is not even something you created?
  3. Maybe it just happened?
  4. Maybe it’s been around for years, decades, and you just want to delay it?
  5. Maybe you are tired of it or you really want it handled but do not know how?
  6. Maybe this issue is so in-your-face that you MUST get it resolved in the next few weeks OR ELSE bad bad things happen!? “End of your comfy world” things…?
  7. Maybe….just maybe there is another way….there must be, right?? You get the idea…
  8. Maybe you’re simply angry in general and upset and stuck…?

Then this QUANTUM LEAP program is for YOU.

  • This works best when you’re right at the end of one cycle, leading into the next, to help you make the leap directly from vision to action
  • Removing your biggest pain-point right now and forever!
  • No more hiking around all the strategic steps of drudgery
  • Great for leaders starting as a solo-preneur or consultant or any new adventure
  • Regular weekly live-streamed, blogged guidance
  • Recorded audio teaching resources as needed
  • Pre-work assignments to get your juices-a-flowin’
  • Only tried and tested methods throughout
  • Everything recorded and kept for ever in Dropbox for your reference
  • This is a rapid paced program to resolve your lingering core issue NOW!

So, specifically….

  • PLAN A: What our life plan can look like is Plan A where we want to go straight from vision to a pre-determined goal.
  • PLAN B: What typically happens is the circuitous, mentally and emotionally stressful path in Plan B. This is where external sources force and grind your beautiful vision into the dust even if possibly you do finally hit that goal, much later.


  • PLAN C: What we do in the Quantum Leap Program is follow Plan C where we:
    • Jump from vision through action to the outcome.
    • Define your outcome which is a: space, way of being, context and not a specific pre-defined goal.
    • Declare your intention to have the VISION you want, through BEING who you always have been.
    • Design the path from the end backwards to your core issue expansively and in integrity, tied to guidance from your highest self. This is where the vision IS already the outcome and there is literally no-thing (quantum) between you and your result.
    • Develop the overall serious #SoulMission and the methods to keep you on track and in action, now and as a pattern for the future too.
    • Deliver the result that you have always wanted through the physically small, yet potentially huge (emotionally, mentally, spiritually) quantum leap from Vision to Action. We do that by simply taking a vision-based LEAP!

HOW we do this (below) is by having you move through exercises step-by-step and then LEAP as soon as you’re ready (or probably before, ha!) For some folks “the switch flips”, as early as when they simply declare their intention to sign up!!

So…we do this work by…

  1. Increasing your conscious awareness and mindfulness
  2. Identifying the root cause of the core issue at hand
  3. Seeing the useful messages coming through, often through meditation
  4. Learning where the (emotional) blockages are
  5. Sensing the right problems to solve and then how-to
  6. Working to clean and align more subtle multi-dimensional energy
  7. Using blended modalities and strategies that work for YOU (and others)
  8. Creating new life pattern boundaries to act as prevention for enduring wellbeing
  9. Allowing the universe as a whole to powerfully serve you and letting go

So whether your core current issue seems like work issues, physical health, entangled communication or general misalignment of some kind, that you’re experiencing, YOU will gain new insight, balance and direction through the facilitation of your own body, mind, spirit and soul’s innate healing mechanisms.

The ultimate outcome of this program is that you MAKE BETTER DECISIONS in the moment which help in developing new habits which heal that core issue fully. You experience innovation (operating from a new space of Exovation) with full, authentic mastery, balance and flow for actions your life, your purpose and those within it.

Let’s do this thing!!!

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  • We’ll reach out to set up our first introductory call to see if we’re a match
  • Weekly calls/daily e-support/3 month cycles.


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