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Our User Experience Design (ux) range of introductory services help your customers digital experience to go to work for you:

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We introduced the Web Review and Action Plan [PDF] service. This quick-fix bundle of services will explain specifically how to get more visitors to your site, get them engaged throughout your site and show you how to convert those visitors into active customers.

Have you ever considered what it’s really like to visit your website? G|META is a specialist usability and information design consultancy. We’ll analyze what your visitors specifically want and then advise you on how to create new blueprints to satisfy them.

G|META advises both non-profit and for-profit organizations on how to quickly fix what’s broken on the website, architect something new and innovative, visualize complex information simply or just train your people in a whole new way of thinking…

  • Make your site much easier to use.
  • Increase call-to-action paths through your site.
  • Clarify and de-clutter pages.
  • Create a consistent, logical structure for the entire site.
  • Reduce errors for all users that may accidentally have been caused by design.

Did you know? The average website loses over 90% of its visitors, through simple design flaws that actively prevent them becoming customers … and that soon equals A LOT of lost customers and the benefits they would have brought to you.

Question: Who’s in charge of your website?

Answer: Stressed out users-at-large are in charge, through their every click…

And on that topic, here’s our SXSW 2006 conference podcast: Design and Social Responsibility.


Precise Advice

Starting | Seminars | Reviews | Research | Usability | Design | Diagramming

Getting Started


Vital, initial matching of your business needs and your customer’s needs to G|META services. We use a questionnaire/in-person approach, leading to a proposal.
Duration: 30 mins – 2 hrs. Usually the first contact… “the first one is FREE”.


Strategy, brainstorming, tiger teams – to find your best ‘bangs for the buck’ and create new and innovative ideas from scratch.
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this early on.

One hour review

One hour live (conference call) review of one page. You assemble each of your team members: technical, creative, marketing, stakeholders etc and we focus on one page for one hour. This approach results in a deeper understanding for everybody of the issues both specific to the page in question and usually to the site as whole.
Duration: Typically 1 hour. Do this early on.

Web review action plan

We think that most websites/mobile apps etc could be at least 50% more effective in attaining their owner’s goals. Our Web Review & Action Plan (WRAP) packaged service looks at the entire web user experience and delivers a detailed, action-able report that recommends how to make your site more effective, efficient and satisfying for those you are trying to attract. We focus on Search Engine Optimization, Site Structure & Navigation and Page-level Layout. Web, Review and Action Plan [PDF] Duration: Typically 1 week. Do this even if you do nothing else.

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(any seminar can become a project)

What is usability?

Introductory theory for “What is Usability and Information Design”‘ – How does it work?, What does it do for your organization? This service is often useful when you are introducing the entire concept to your company or need it presented to your own client.
Duration: Typically 1/2 day. Do this as early as possible.

Think like a user

Learn how to “Think like a user” is our flagship and Usability/Information Design 101 presentation. In the process of learning how to think differently about your online customers you also learn: how to improve your site’s conversion rate, how to apply best web practices, how to observe, profile and design for users, how to collect data efficiently, how to analyze what you find according to a few simple principles, how to run a usability test, how to architect a usable and accessible site from scratch…Includes many practical examples to work through.
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this as early as possible.

E-mail marketing

How to reel customers in via simple, well-structured and designed, informative e-mails and land them on your website – on the customer’s schedule.
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this at any time.


“Customer behavior profiles” explained and created. The best start point for any project is to go through what the customers needs are e.g. goals, tasks and behaviors and document them as a persona for use throughout every aspect of the project, for all team members.
Duration: Typically 1 day. Usually early in the project.

Rapid UI development

Get a feel for your screens. Paper prototyping and other inexpensive, rapid usability test methods – what it is, when to do it and how to get it done as a mini-project.
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this after some research.

Seminar buffet

Build your own introductory workshop by choosing from any of the services…
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this at any time.


Need the customer represented at your brainstorming session? We’ll facilitate your internal discussions on any of our other Information/Experience Design topics or set up ‘tiger team’ workshop sessions room using whiteboards and remote screen sharing.
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this at any time.

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Reviews & Fixes

Expert Review

Need a quick fix? Quickly discover the main usability barriers within your site – and their solutions. Often based on a simple set of persona sketches the expert reviewer goes through the site page by page and examines the gaps and barriers to a customer and recommends detailed solutions. This can be delivered as a set of screenshots or as a high impact edited video file.
Duration: Depends on site size, typically 5 days. Usually early in the project.

Reverse Triage

Review which areas of your site are almost good enough to get back into battle and fix them quickly. This service offers multiple detailed quick fixes covering your most problematic pages often using annotated screenshots.
Duration: Typically 2-3 days. Do this at any time.

Basic Accessibility Review

Rapid service reviewing how accessible your site is for people with disabilities, readiness for translation and PDA usage.
Duration: Typically 1-2 days. Do this at any time.

Brand Experience Review

Review of your Brand: name, tagline, logo. What does it mean to your customer? How are they reacting to it? How could it be improved? How many brands do you have?
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this at any time.

Culture Review

Advice on globalization, internationalization, localization and translation for your languages/countries of interest.
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this at any time.

SEO Review

Search Engine Optimization Review: Conversion potential review, looks at market and your own keywords and statistics.
Duration: Typically 1 day. Do this at any time.

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(Basic Data Capture)


Simple, easy to administer and use, internal and external survey and response, with full visual, exportable reporting. This helps gather input to a project and help structure your ideas.
Duration: Depends on site size, typically 5 days. Do this at any time.

Focus Groups

Get a bunch of your customers in a room and let them really tell you what it’s like to use your products and services. This is a useful method to get you started with a set of “rules of thumb” for how your customers feel. The nature of data collected in a focus group means they are not the best sole start point for precise re-design. It’s better know what people really do rather than what they say they’ll do. This service simply captures the “emotive aspects” of user behavior.
Duration: Typically 2 days. Do this at any time.

Market Research

Apply some of the review and research methods listed here to your competitor’s sites or do a side-by-side test to gain competitive advantage.
Duration: Typically 2 days. Do this at any time.

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Classic Usability

Experience Testing

Full analysis of your site using real users. Ease-of-use testing. We sit down side by side with real users while they use the website, for about an hour each and run them through a range of tasks that you would expect them to be able to easily carry out.This is a full service activity ranging from assistance defining which customers to recruit through to a video file record of the testing itself and a next steps recommendations report.

Duration: Depends on site size, typically 10 days. Follows some initial discovery work on client and user issues.

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Design Guide

The blueprints for your site re-design. This service covers strategy, information architecture (site wide picture) and wireframes (page level design). This service usually follows and is based upon some initial review work.
Duration: Depends on site size, typically 5 days. Usually follows testing.

Information Architecture

Site-mapping, navigation and lead-generation (calls to action) path review. The big picture diagramming of an entire section or the whole website on one page so we can understand the “user flow” through the site and optimize it.
Duration: Depends on site size, typically 5 days. Usually follows test results.


New or re-designed single page template. This simple deliverable shows the basic layout of all page objects. It can also be used in a much more detailed fashion to create multiple deliverables as visual requirements specifications for the development team.
Duration: Depends on site size, typically 5 days. Usually follows test results.

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(presenting complex information)

Visual Executive Summary

Convert very complex ideas into simple informative, single-page schematic diagrams. This can be used within areas of your site as a useful download or internally with your project and management teams as a poster to explain how a process works. We find this service is very good for people with a high need to stay up-to-date and informed but with little time to do it.
Duration: Depends on the quantity and quality of raw data, typically 5-10 days. Do this at any time.

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