Graceful Interruption Transformation

This program is the advanced version of the Core Exovation System. It is a short, sharp shock. It is an interruption of the soul crushing conditioning you’ve been living under. The purpose is to free you up FULLY, to create and be, in the SOULFUL life mission you were born to lead. The program is especially useful for business leaders.

We partner to create:

  1. Your #SoulMission with
  2. Your #SoulPartner using
  3. Your #SoulStrategy in
  4. Your #SoulSpace.

That’s it!!

This program will train your brain to decide fast and slow, aligned to the best way (outcomes) possible for your core values, highest and most authentic self.

This is a co-created, highly tailored program that is all about the most fun, play and ease possible (or impossible) for true leaders who are up to stopping past conditioning and then jumping into an entirely new time loop for themselves and/or their teams. It is a spiritually-based healing program as well, from which you’re left whole and trained to be able to call in a new level of energy, at full force, any time you need it, in a nanosecond. You’ll stand in the dark and hold the space for light that emerges through you. This GIT program is the hub for your own personal version control.

The 4 key practices of this program are as simple as: ABCD

  1. Authenticity
  2. Being
  3. Conversations
  4. Decisions
  • Weekly calls/daily e-support/3 month cycles.


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