Peer Groups

Executives. Guidance.

We know. We’ve all been there.

  1. It can be hard, feeling lonely at the top.
  2. It can be hard to get excellent counsel on your specific issue.
  3. It can be hard for you see your next best move in an exponentially more automated world.
  4. It can be hard seeking a broad range of authentic, honest feedback.
  5. It can be hard to tap into that deep passion for your work.

“What if we could realize the actual complexity in hard things and make them simple?”

Well, you can. Our busy leadership clients, in powerful roles, with serious, complex issues to manage, tell us that the biggest bang-for-the-buck in evolving their business every month is:


Peer group members report upgrades in personal and professional SUCCESS in the areas of:

  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Clarity
  • Discipline

WHY consider peer groups?

  1. It’s your secret weapon for success.
  2. Objective, dedicated, expert third-party guidance, external to your own company.
  3. Following a mindfully researched selection process, up to a dozen, seasoned peers are available to provide a contribution to resolving your specific issue(s) on a regular basis. In the same way, you can reciprocate and support them.
  4. Often your peers have already ‘been there and done that‘. And there is always more to learn.
  5. There is a uniquely energetic and insightful power in declaring that you’re gathering around a table each month in a safe space to discuss meaningful, important shared issues.
  6. You’ll build some real momentum in all areas with positive peer pressure!
  7. We focus on YOU and your FUTURE success.
  8. See deeply into the shadows of the blind spots that have been sabotaging your progress.

WHO are we meeting with?

“We is greater than me.” We>Me. The simple act of intentionally gathering in-person, locally with carefully selected PEERS pays huge dividends in improving your business overall. You’ll access those with deep business acumen, innovative insight and the ability to map out the strategic and tactical issues that we all face as visionary executive leaders. We do this TOGETHER.

“It’s just like your very own private executive board.”

As an external, third-party group, we make better informed decisions, more easily.

HOW does this work?

It’s a monthly, full day, cumulative, authentic review + reset.

Initially all members are invited into a brief introduction and selection process where we match up the ideal group for you. We get you set up for success and schedule your first meeting.

In the work: we listen and we talk. We guide each other. We share. We support. We move forward. We use our structured framework approach to host the meetings, facilitating enough space both to go deep where you need it and also enough speed to efficiently guide the core issues and root causes that are important to you, to resolution. We develop your Next Action Plan.

We step outside of your office politics, objectively. A place where you don’t have to always be “keeping up appearances”, for a few hours. A place where you can admit what is not working and evolve it. No axes to grind.

What this work is NOT!

  • yet another place for only networking, schmoozing, scoffing, with-holding or taking more than you give. The connections are great, of course and that is not our primary purpose.
  • rushed, cookie-cutter, tips and tricks or superficial answers to fixing problems. We recognize that opening up in this unique way may take a little time for some and that’s fine too.
  • disrespectful of everybody’s time. We are laser-focused on respect for our finite time and deeply dedicated to positively impacting what really matters to you.

As a group, we decrease stress. Gain encouragement. Address sensitive topics safely. We leverage the group’s collective wisdom. We evaluate opportunities, share insights and counsel on solving problems. Less a “think tank” and more so a “do tank”.

To reap the biggest benefits from this work requires consistency, commitment and integrity in showing up every month and is therefore a best fit for those authentically dedicated to becoming the very best version of themselves, having fun and living a life they love.

Our simple, annual investment model reflects the seriousness of our “use it or lose it” approach to taking real action for real results. We know that realistically ‘things come up’ and here communication early and often is key. We do everything in our power and in our spirit of service to flex with everybody’s schedule, always with an eye to maintaining the integrity of the monthly meeting process, so that YOU succeed.

We continue meeting over the longer term to resolve and transform the hardest and most profound issues together with you. The group evolves as your business evolves over time. You’ll find yourself equally as comfortable discussing strategic horizons, as the tactics for next week.

Our scheduled meetings last one day (two half-days, weekends … ) and only once per month. We take care of the logistics, support, and resources to ensure the professional, powerful, useful, valuable experience you expect.

“We simply ask that the real you shows up willing to do the real work.”

Additionally, we offer one-on-one coaching and resources outside the monthly meeting format to ensure authenticity, accountability, integrity and your successful outcomes.

Our business discussions may even delve into the entire spectrum of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual toolbox depending on the identified needs of the member and group as a whole.

WHAT can we expect?

The most important outcomes reported over time are the trust and deep empathy that develop in the mastermind-style group. Both for ourselves and others. With deep respect for the noble art of leading your team towards a broad vision, we expertly facilitate big strategic decisions rapidly, so you’re never again alone with only “going with your gut” as guidance.

When you’re back in the office that newly evolved strength and courage stays and is still available to you. More than “feel good”, this work is all about BEING the best version of yourself. Your brain is literally re-programmed with new and useful patterns.

Relaxing too.

Meditation, often labelled mindfulness or mindset work can be dismissed as soft, gentle peacefulness but not powerful enough. Our intent is to bring the best of all worlds, being as faithful to compassionate, humane ideals as possible, whilst reducing conflict and understanding clearly the focused realities of getting YOUR job done, so everybody can win!

Peace is hard work” or said another way: vital soft skills are the hard things that make life simple.

We learn to lean on each other in the group as a vital resource. We grow together with honest and unfiltered feedback around the complex human challenges of pragmatically running a modern business successfully, in the 21st century.

Peer group promise.

MUCH more of this in every area of your business life:

  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Clarity
  • Discipline

Investment from $999 USD per member per month ($10k/pa PIF). Payment plans and discounts available. Let’s talk.

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