How to ‘stress less’ using REBOUND meditation.

The steps and details are below:

  • Relax
  • Eyes
  • Breathe
  • Observe
  • Unload
  • Notes
  • Discipline


  1. Find as quiet place as possible
  2. Set a regular time. Set a start time, perhaps morning and evening up to 20 minutes each or maybe longer, depending on how you feel. Start with one 2 minutes session.
  3. Set a gentle timer alarm on your phone or elsewhere, in case you fall asleep which is fine too
  4. Be comfortable with your clothes, biological needs etc
  5. Be still. Sitting or lying down are fine to start
  6. Let go of tension in your entire body. Go through a physical relaxing process. First your feet then all the way up through each part of your body to your head and face
  7. Smile – think about some happy things or just make a physical smile
  8. If you want to, you can relax your setting with smudging (wafting lit sage around to clean the area) or use aromatherapy oils
  9. If you want to, use headphones to cancel sound or use sounds that relax you, piano, natural sounds, binaural beats, no voices etc…
  10. Take what’s useful in such processes and leave the rest


    1. Close your eyes.
    2. Start to gaze more and more deeply into the darkness
    3. Try to focus on what you feel is the core or center of yourself – “look” inwards


    1. Your steady focus on breathing may be THE most power tool you have in this practice.
    2. Take a several deep, slow breaths – at least 10 to start.
    3. Keep this slow + deep + gentle breathing going throughout as a guide
    4. Use the breath as a focal point back inside the body to redirect the external pull of the thoughts that come up, back inwards


    1. Watch what thoughts come up, like seeing what wave breaks next at the water’s edge
    2. Try to stay “content-free”. What is IN the thoughts is not useful here. That ‘you’ are observing yourself having thoughts is what is important – see the process.
    3. As emotions come up too let them pass by
    4. As you go deeper there will always be surface thoughts and emotions and so forth. You’re aware of that and focused deeper than that
    5. A mantra or ‘mind tool’ sound may be useful here either spoken or better still inside the mind, such as “Aum”. Stretching the tone out long and deep and slowly and gently. This is ‘home” and where to keep re-focusing, re-centering to the start, over and over, if you drift back to “thinking” …
    6. Immersion: Another useful way to go deeper down or deeper outwards or deeper ‘upwards” is to imagine going deeper and deeper into a deeply blue sky clear of any clouds or deep down into a cool dark ocean or deeper out into a velvety outer space


    1. No action needed
    2. let go of the thoughts, emotions, images, sounds and every thing that comes up
    3. For the duration of the mediation keep letting these thoughts fall away so you train your mind to THINK less and BE more…there is nothing to do with these thoughts…they’ll be there later if you need them
    4. focus back inwards to your solar plexus at the center of your body, roughly at that final bony part of your breastbone
    5. Detach yourself from what comes up and let it drop away, fade and dissolve…


    1. When your timer alarm rings then open up your eyes and slowly stretch a little
    2. Keep a little daily journal in one place. Maybe a special book or even a file on your phone. Make some notes about what came up, no matter how relevant it seems, if nothing then write ‘I got nothing” 😉 Sometimes huge revelations with appear and sometimes not…
    3. See the sequences and sources of the chains of thoughts over time?
    4. See what works and does not work so well in your practice.
    5. Review these notes over the longer term, perhaps at the end of each ‘week’


    1. Repeat regularly! Keep doing this on a daily basis and extend the practice in overall duration and frequency of sessions. 
    2. Use mediation ad hoc too at times of decision making or before a stressful event or just to feel clearer in your head to be more creative
    3. This work ultimately increases your conscious awareness of life. It replaces the automatic programming that has been loaded into your fearful, survival (ego) brain since birth. This creates more soulful freedom and space in your brain. It literally rewires your brain. 
    4. New brain patterns => new options and insights => new actions => new results => new experiences => new life!