Turnaround is also known as the Core+ program. We do all the personal Core program level work, plus we add in the profound, mindfulness work to discover the deep wisdom that has been hidden underneath it all.

We explore the primary, hidden brain patterns from past conditioning that have been driving the gradual sabotage of your greater success.

  • Get really REAL about your situational stress
  • Dive deeper to identify and remove the elements of your primary SABOTAGE pattern
  • Create stability and RESULTS in the present situation
  • Take specific, smaller ACTIONS practical outcomes for momentum
  • Do all of this by simply making the hard-line, long-game COMMITMENT to improve, and begin changing pieces of your daily habitual routines, one by one.
  • Follow a clear big-picture PLAN: Detox -> Focus -> Mastery -> Emergence
  • Get the OUTCOMES you (and your team) want Freedom, Integrity, Clarity, Discipline in your 3D-reality in what you want in your life.
  • Learn for yourself about your own conditioned patterns from the past and how to gracefully interrupt them in the future
  • Develop daily, simple actions and routines that automate away the mechanics of life, so that you can design, build and create exactly what you really want
  • Start transitioning to a new PATH:
    1. this year (6 months Coaching + 6 months Support)
    2. with a dedicated coach,
    3. unique tools & techniques,
    4. weekly upgrades,
    5. solid, personalized outcomes,
    6. which ensures your results,
    7. as fast as you’d like,
    8. as long as you simply do the work…
  • Fee: $278 USD/month/weekly calls/daily e-support/6+6 months

Let’s talk:


CONTACT: exovation@gmeta.com or Text/Whatsapp: +1 561 692 6111 

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