Vedic Coaching

What’s “Vedic?” Veda means total knowledge, in Sanskrit. From that ancient wisdom tradition the vedic guidance, Heyam Dukham Anagatam translates as

Avert the danger that is not yet seen.” 

This was written in Patanjali’s yoga sutras (2.16) in the 2nd century BCE.

What’s coaching? Coaching is work you do with my guidance. My deepest, most powerful, yet subtle, vedic coaching work is based on the prevention concept above. In fact, vedic concepts permeate most of the modern world without us being aware.

Before Coaching (BC)

  • Overwhelmed with too much info
  • Feeling lost and without direction
  • Not where you want to be in life
  • ​Tired of not living up to your full potential

Augmented development (AD)

  • Brimming with CLARITY and direction
  • Feeling deeper HAPPINESS about your Self
  • OWNERSHIP of one big new mission + plan
  • ​Locked and loaded with a SYSTEM to take control of your next steps


The results of my Vedic coaching are built on Invincibility.

  1. We become invincible by averting danger.
  2. This does NOT happen when we are stronger than any single issue in front of us.
  3. Instead, it does happen when we transcend all issues by having the seed of the issue never be planted in the first place.
  4. It is in seeing a new way of BEING, not in what we DO or HAVE, that we evolve and invincibility is created.


The work has 4 simple phases:

  1. Detox – remove barriers to your goal/happiness [DISCIPLINE]
  2. Focus – choose your one area that you transform fully [CLARITY]
  3. Mastery – develop this new pattern in all areas [INTEGRITY]
  4. Evolution – create the new ‘seed’ version of yourself [FREEDOM]

This is it! and Here’s your sign: