Guiding you to become the agent of your own evolution.

We partner with Visionary Leaders, like you, to provide services which profoundly evolve life, business, culture and the world.


PROGRAM levels:

  1. Conversations for new performance is a simple and straight-forward program to explore new possibilities in a structured manner through productive conversations.
  2. The Core System is the primary, full program that most first-time clients take on. Highly recommended for all levels of new, desired performance outcomes.
  3. Turnaround is also known as the Core+ program. We do all the personal core work and add in profound depth around the primary patterns that have been sabotaging your success.
  4. Quantum Leap is for those hungry, ready and willing to leap from the simple, and incremental to the high-end, where they are experiencing a wholly new way of being. This typically is in one single area of life and/or business.
  5. Graceful Interruption Transformation is the most fun and high-performance program that is for true leaders and their teams who are up to stopping past-conditioning in its tracks and creating something wholly new instead. Gracefully.

How it works: is week-by-week, through our guided conversations, over the phone, typically 12 sessions, spread over only 90 days initially, depending on which services you choose. Through challenging weekly assignments, you’ll experience the daily emergence of who YOU truly always have been. You’ll be trained to keep what works and surrender the rest, in the process building new stronger brain pathways to keep you (and your team) on track long into the future.

Let’s talk:


CONTACT: exovation@gmeta.com or Text/Whatsapp: +1 561 692 6111 

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