Gordon Montgomery

Evolutionary Executive Coach. Holistic wellbeing coach. Chief Experience Officer. Management Consultant. Innovation Strategist. Experience Designer. Author. Irish. Ultra trail runner. Martial Artist. Father. Polymath. Linguist. Reverend.  Healer. Indigo. Alien. Vegan. Geek …

Gordon works with visionary leaders to EVOLVE wildest dreams into stark reality.

Gordon guides visionary leaders, through an energetic process of rapid evolutionary upgrades, rooted in fairness, flowing from the highest version of their mission to design a wholly new experience.

His typical client is often the type of leader who has always had “a knowing” that they see things “differently”, especially in the light of the coming technological and cultural challenges which we are calling #wave21.

The outcome of this work is:

  1. an evolved, soulful vision and mission
  2. pragmatic reality for the client, team and organization, ultimately
  3. allowing access to actions for the most joyful possible experience.

Phases: 1. Detoxification  2. Focus  3. Mastery  4. Emergence



Born in the revolutionary, war-torn year of 1968; proud of his native Northern Irish home; Gordon had already emigrated and returned from Australia in the 1970s. He completed his early schooling at Portora Royal School in Enniskillen. As a young man he traveled first to Southampton University, England to attain his BA degree in Linguistics, became fluent in French and modern languages before deepening his love affair with the enabling power of digital technology in people’s lives. He consulted in London, starting at Arthur Andersen. His work took him to enterprises in continental Europe before completing his Masters in Software Engineering at Napier University, Scotland, finishing top in Human Computer Interaction. His re-location in the late 1990s to the USA enabled him to continue to catch the business & technology management consulting wave, where he served and built businesses for 20 years, designing optimal experiences with the world’s top corporate and academic institutions.

Following a definitive life wake-up call in 2008, catalyzed by the birth of his son Ronan, and subsequent divorce, he transitioned to becoming an Executive Coach in 2010, an ordained minister and received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He now serves as an Evolutionary Executive Coach along with the associated roles of holistic wellbeing coach, business consultant & Futurist now based in Fairfield, Iowa.

Coach training: Although a life-long learner, Gordon has trained professionally since 2010, being affiliated with the ICF & IAC coaching bodies, with Landmark Education and Vanto Group leadership development, with the Neuroscience Coaching Institute and www.nlp.com. Gordon received master coach training and now partners with Carolina Aramburo‘s incredible international team of radical results coaches: Soulful Radical Results Coaching.

Accolades: He is an energetic speaker at a broad range of business and technology events. He has been invited to lecture and/or teach at the University of Texas (Masters level) and University of San Francisco (online course), has been a speaker at SxSW (Design and Social Responsibility), and is a recipient of a SxSW Interactive, Dewey Winburne Award for Community Service.

Certifications: BA Linguistics, Southampton 1992. MSc Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Napier 1998. Business Startup Program, NIBSP 2002. Leadership Program, Landmark Education 2011. Carolina Aramburo Coach Training 2012, Advanced Coach and Business Mastery Certificate 2014. NeuroEconomics, Coursera 2014. Healer training 2014. Ordained Reverend, ULC 2015. Honorary Doctorate of Divinity ULC 2016. Trauma/Stress Training 2016. Reiki Master, 2017. Psychology Certificate 2019. Philosophy Certificate 2019. Ayurveda training 2020. Mindfulness training 2020. MA Consciousness and Human Potential, MIU 2021.

Key organizational clients: Arthur Andersen, AT&T, British Telecom Looksmart (Genie), Dell, Eli Lilly, Farm Credit Bank of Texas, GSK, Harvard, Home Shopping Network, HSBC, Jeep Chrysler, Lehman Bros, Microsoft, Mobil Oil, MoneySuite, NCR, Nokia, One.org, PerkinElmer, Procter & Gamble, SAP, Staples, Texaco, The State of Florida, University of Texas, Whole Foods.

Interests: Rugby 30 years, Judo – black belt & coach, Ultra-runner & coach & organizer – several 100 mile finishes. Disaster recovery trained by FEMA, up to WMD level and served for months post-Tsunami in Thailand as well as during hurricane Katrina\Rita in Austin, TX. World-traveler. Fluent in French, proficient in several other major languages (German, Italian, Russian, Spanish…). Vegan/Wellness lifestyle.

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