The Road to Trumps Success Began 4,500 Years Ago

Aging Capriciously


The journey of Donald Trump from businessman to the head of the largest corporate state in the world did not as many assume start 12 months ago.  In fact, the roots of Trumps ascendancy can be traced back to at least 2,500 BCE.  Never before in history, has anyone with a business background and so little experience in either politics or military become the leader of a major state.  However, we did not see the buildup to this happening because most of the time we are focused on short-view trends and we miss entirely the long term trends that entail even more potent forces at play.

In numerous attempts to explain the election of Trump, most pundits have looked to the micro forces, such as international trade, disillusion among blue collar White males, the Affordable Care Act, distrust of Hillary Clinton, Russian interference in the election, White backlash and rising…

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Publish a Book and Grow Rich? An honest review of Gerry Roberts’ weekend bootcamp + FREE TICKETS

Review Events

Publish A BookDear readers, thank you for reading! Keep on reading. In April 2015 – I had the pleasure of attending Gerry Robert’s 3 day Bootcamp in London called ‘Publish a Book and Grow Rich’.

As a result of this, I got inspired and wanted to share three things with you.

  1. The whole experience and the 10 key learnings
  2. The real reason for the workshop – The Sales Pitch
  3. Pros and Cons of Gerry’s business offer.

The event started on Friday night. When I arrived at registration there were about 200 people waiting. It was so packed they had to re-arrange the whole layout to accommodate everyone. My advice: sit at the front or you may stand up all evening!

The event started at 7:30 pm and I could see the zombie eyes of those who worked all day and were now ready to listen for 3 hours to strangers talking. I expected…

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Eating Vegan in Costa Rica

Lazy Smurf's Guide

I love Costa Rica! This was my second trip out there this year. Last January, my plane was overbooked so twice I ended up staying the night in a hotel paid for by the Airline and a bunch of travel vouchers. This January I went for 17 days with Dan and I checked out other places I didn’t get to go to last time. Sadly my camera was stolen so I am going to try and find other pics in the ‘net to illustrate this post.

I feel that Costa Rica is probably one of the easiest places to travel as a vegan, certainly a lot nicer than the sausage fest that is Eastern Europe. Even as a raw vegan it would be fairly easy since you can always get fruit plates, smoothies, and salads. The best part about Costa Rican food in my opinion is breakfast, specifically the food…

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Werner Erhard’s Work in Northern Ireland

Werner Erhard and Est

Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and Israel: Werner Erhard developed the Ireland Initiative for the Mastery Foundation in 1999 in collaboration with Peter Block as a three-day conference to bring together a broad base of community leaders already working on peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. The Mastery Foundation continues to lead this course in places where religious differences are a source of conflict, including Northern Ireland and Israel.

The Mastery Foundation grew out of a series of conversations in the late 1970s and early 1980s among Christian and Jewish clergy who had experienced a personal transformation when they participated in The est Training. In 1984 Werner Erhard developed a program designed specifically for this constituency and their work continues to this day. Throughout its existence, Werner Erhard has continued to generously donate his expertise and services, at times developing new program material and leading courses. The…

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Where there’s art there’s Hope

Scéalta Ealaíne

art by Eoin Mac Lochlainn i Tbilisi, Georgia

Other people’s art blogs –  I came across a great one recently called “Art Calling”. Sarah Zoutewelle-Morrisis an artist/writer working in Holland. She’s working on her second book on art and recently we were talking…

Do check out her blog yourself but I have included an extract from her writing here because I think that it’s quite relevant for art in these troubled times.

I happen to be wrestling just now with the part of my book in progress that is about ‘Art and Livelihood’. My heart was never wholly into selling my art as a life goal. I wanted a more collaborative, connected, kind of art. I wanted my art to do good, add value to life…the kind of art that carries a connection with life’s mysteries and large questions, the kind of art that can soothe souls and inspire people to either make art themselves or to…

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Google 2015: what will it look like? — Scobleizer


First, what will the trends be for the next four years?

1. Mobile will get bigger screens, more capabilities, and many more users will have more than 100 apps (today only the weirdos like me do, the industry even has a name for us, they call us ?heavy app users?).
2. Home entertainment systems will increasingly go completely Internet connected and many people will unplug their cable systems.
3. All media will be streamed, very few users will have downloadable files anymore.
4. There will be ?apps of apps.? In other words, there will be apps that join many apps together. Already that?s happening. When I take photos with Instagram I can send those photos over to Foodspotting, Trey Ratcliffe?s photo app, amongst others. Om Malik wrote about that trend yesterday.
5. Social networking will be far more nuanced than it is today. I saw one…

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Google Fiber will launch in Austin in December


At long last, Google will launch its fiber network in Austin, beginning this December in the south and southeast portions of the city. The company will continue rolling out gigabit service in stages as it’s deployed in other parts of the town.

Google also plans to implement a similar sign up-process for fiber as it did in Kansas City, where areas are divided into neighborhoods and residents need to commit to get fiber. Neighborhoods that hit a threshold specified by Google will get fiber. Those that do not meet that threshold will not, although in Kansas City, neighborhoods have gotten a second chance to sign up.

The limits of each neighborhood are going to be defined in Austin in groups of a few hundred houses served by a single fiber hut where the Google network meets the metro network. The website with those details will launch in December…

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