Publish a Book and Grow Rich? An honest review of Gerry Roberts’ weekend bootcamp + FREE TICKETS

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Publish A BookDear readers, thank you for reading! Keep on reading. In April 2015 – I had the pleasure of attending Gerry Robert’s 3 day Bootcamp in London called ‘Publish a Book and Grow Rich’.

As a result of this, I got inspired and wanted to share three things with you.

  1. The whole experience and the 10 key learnings
  2. The real reason for the workshop – The Sales Pitch
  3. Pros and Cons of Gerry’s business offer.

The event started on Friday night. When I arrived at registration there were about 200 people waiting. It was so packed they had to re-arrange the whole layout to accommodate everyone. My advice: sit at the front or you may stand up all evening!

The event started at 7:30 pm and I could see the zombie eyes of those who worked all day and were now ready to listen for 3 hours to strangers talking. I expected…

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