The CORE system

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You know it. I know it. It’s time to heal. Now, it’s time to DECIDE to create a major upgrade in our level of conscious, mindful awareness on this planet. That starts with YOU. Beyond change, we work on evolution.

No matter what is going on in any dimension or realm of your life and work, potentially painful situations can be healed right now. Through an energetic healing approach we can identify and even prevent suffering before it ever manifests. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally. Spiritually. Together we evolve your Wholeness of Purpose.

Our grand mission is to raise the planetary level of consciousness through our EXOVATION (experiential innovation) methodology with evolved leaders and their organisations.

Defining healing: Different from other healing coaches, we say, HEALED = MADE WHOLE = fully functional = organized, on purpose, successful, happy, healthy, flowing, holistic, ‘whole-istic’, holy whole, unleashed, authentic, sovereign. No more suffering. Life and business all working soulfully, as you intend!

So, WHY this program?

Here’s a summary of the key differentiators for this program, relative to other things you might do with your time:

  1. It’s for leaders who wish to create organisations that impact the planet
  2. The work guides you deeper into personal detoxification, focus, mastery and emergence
  3. We install strong bi-lateral authentic accountability and integrity
  4. The coach provides high-level remote, energetic healing on demand
  5. Serious forward motion and daily execution steps – breathing in the future
  6. Uncover and solve the right problems.
  7. Get it RITE: Research, Innovation, Technology and Experience to fast track your results
  8. Dedication to transformation. No more caterpillar conversations in a butterfly world.
  9. Rapid 90-day program / challenge / mission. Discipline = Freedom.
  10. Soul level coaching, in 6D+, to create the extra-ordinary in your 3D world

Quick links to the why, who, how and what of this system


YOU: For individual leaders, groups or businesses: You’ll experience innovation in all life areas: work, rest, play and in your wider community. This work is for those seeking a Purpose that is Whole.

✓ You’re somebody who is passionately seeking out powerful, visionary, inspirational, new questions.

✓ You want to produce essential and unprecedented results in the areas of Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, Culture and even beyond to evolving our human consciousness.

✓ You probably can no longer stand to work with soul-less organisations, with months of almost pointless cycles of “doing” when you know you should be “being” a wholly different person.

✓ You may feel primarily emotionally or creatively blocked

✓ You don’t fit in where you are, or maybe anywhere.

✓ You always see a bigger picture benefit and better way, but you don’t seem to have full power to make changes.

✓ You’d like to shift and change some things and yet don’t want to risk blowing up everything good in the process.

✓ You’re hungry to grow.

Yes! You’re likely our ideal kind of person to work with!

The coach: Now, within Evolutionary  Coaching, for the first time, I offer access to everything I have ever learned on my soul mission. To be clear, I am not operating as your “friend” (though I’m known as friendly, ha!). I am a professional coach accountable to deliver on your #SoulMission, even if sometimes you might not want to (I get it). I am sovereign, I am intelligent, I am happy. I am healing. My own soul mission is to ensure, not only change but also, that multi-dimensional evolutionary healing is made available for the wellbeing of the entirety of humanity. I believe that we can live on our #HeavenOnEarth as king or queen of our chosen realm. This is my purpose and I love every minute of it. No kidding.

Quick links to the why, who, how and what of this system


I am a coach. I am a healer. I work with energy.

Everything is energy. Energetic healing works by seeking and aligning to the source, so we become more consciously aware at a higher level. Energy can then flow to where it is needed, both freely and powerfully. That’s it.

We work with your 3D reality here on Earth, ascending all the way up to the more subtle energetic dimension of universal light energy (12D). Working with the higher, faster, stronger energies simply manifests what you want in your (3D) life faster.

Together, we partner to do this work across multiple dimensions, through experiential innovation (EXOVATION). This is a strategic, visionary methodology for leaders which develops clarity, provides clear focus, enhances mastery and allows for authentic sovereignty in leadership to emerge.

Levels of Transformation, examples across 12 Dimensions could be:

  1. Getting grounded in where you are and what you need to do
  2. Realizing how you can be here and present now, always
  3. Knowing how to take the actions that matter to fulfill on a vision
  4. Managing your time and space effectively
  5. Seeing your heavenly dream and vision become birthed into reality
  6. Developing a sovereign soul mission framework inside of which the dream can exist
  7. Accessing the source of all possible systemic frameworks in your life
  8. Connecting to your soul family on the same soul mission as you
  9. Sensing deeply that really there is nothing you must “do”, only BE and allow
  10. Learning to allow your life plan to emerge and manifest before you
  11. Choosing whatever you want to create, not killing off or sabotaging anything
  12. Operating from a source energy of love, of and for all

Energy in the simplest sense, flows through pathways, frequencies and vibrations, with names you may have heard of such as: chakras, nadis and meridians and outwards in auric fields into your life. We work with the energy field and train you to  do so as well.

Our work takes a healing approach similar to the common sequence you would find in the physical world: pain >> blockage >> problem >> suffering and invert it!  This “power to make whole” comes from your alignment with a source energy accessible from inside you, outwards. The work therefore does NOT provide a consultative cure from the outside. Anywhere you sense restricted flow in your life, where there’s distraction or noise, there is an underlying dis-ease which can definitively be transformed.

Making whole: I guide you to heal whatever pattern is in your way so that you can heal yourself.

Using a personal guiding mantra that we create together, we then take you through a methodology, called VISTA to get your dreams into action:

  • Vision – why
  • Initiatives – who
  • Strategies – how
  • Tactics – what
  • Actions – now

Quick links to the why, who, how and what of this system


We partner to create a wholly new design for your life. #transformation

What you do is move through processes step-by-step, such as:

  • Increasing your conscious awareness and mindfulness
  • Identifying the root cause of the (potential) suffering
  • Seeing the useful messages, often through meditation
  • Learning where the blockages are
  • Sensing the right problems to solve
  • Working to clean and align subtle multi-dimensional energies
  • Using various modalities and finding strategies that work for you (and others)
  • Creating new life patterns as prevention for enduring wellbeing
  • Allowing the universe as a whole to powerfully serve you and stop forcing it to do that

So whether it seems like work issues, physical health, entangled communication or general misalignment of some kind that you’re experiencing, YOU will gain new insight, balance and direction through the facilitation of your own body, mind, spirit and soul’s innate healing mechanisms.

The ultimate outcome of Evolutionary Coaching is that you MAKE BETTER DECISIONS and heal fully. You experience innovation (operating from a space of Exovation) with full, authentic mastery, balance and flow for your entire life, it’s purpose and those within it.

Program details:

  • Access to 12 breakthrough, 45 -minute private phone call sessions to get to the core of solving the right problems
  • Work on weekly assignments (the real work) to manifest what you want, practically
  • Benefit from new remote energetic healing work through me to you
  • Create your personal evolutionary system which is a simple life plan: from major vision, right down to new hourly actions (as needed)
  • Follow guidance from a new  personal life purpose mantra with meditative usage
  • Request quick feedback (via e-messaging) for any smaller specific issues you have pop up, including additional healing modalities, as needed on a 12-hour turnaround
  • Open source access to instructional materials
  • TERMS:
    • We have optimized the current fee structure per client, covering everything above, for all 3 months (our minimum duration).
    • We do not believe in contracts in the typical sense. We get alignment.
    • We typically use PayPal (using We can create invoices as needed.
    • To get started we just need to
      • agree payment terms
      • agree a time and date for our first call.


READY, willing, able? (or not…)

  • I want any leader to be able to get access to this transformative, healing, Evolutionary Coaching work!!
  • So EMAIL me, Gordon Montgomery, via to set up a FREE introductory call, to see if we’re a match, or TEXT 561 692 6111.
  • Space is limited to 20 clients total for the year.
  • Weekly calls/daily e-support/3 month cycles.

=== So, let’s have some fun and get to work. We’ll create a clear path ahead right now, preventing suffering before it ever manifests. We’ll create ANY #HeavenOnEarth that you truly desire. No kidding! NOW, let’s take the next step together.  THANK YOU ===

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