The Kickstart Process

Solve that life puzzle. Now!

(aka 90 days to total freedom)

The BAD NEWS is that the problem (yes you know THAT problem) that you’ve been puzzling over – or as was my case, not dealing with at all, for probably decades – that problem now won’t be hanging around much longer.

The GOOD NEWS is that there is a simple solution to the puzzle you have in front of you. Life does not have be like one of those messed up intractable knots that you never quite unraveled and just gave up on. Once you know what the next best moves are then it’s just a matter of taking those few precise actions to get everything 100% completely handled, straightened out, never to trouble you again. And what’s even better news, once you know how to do this then you can apply it RAPIDLY, over and over again to solve many of life’s puzzles.

Turn him to any cause of policy,
The Gordian Knot of it he will unloose,
Familiar as his garter

— Shakespeare, Henry V, Act 1 Scene 1.

Is this like you? (or somebody you know?)

  • You’ve seen a good few decades of life already
  • You know something is not quite right with the world right now
  • You aspire to make a real positive difference
  • You’d like to bust or fix the system(s) in some way
  • You may feel you’re struggling where you are with perhaps one major issue
  • You may be excelling in some areas but feel kind of bored/frustrated
  • You have never quite fit into “normal life”
  • Recently you’ve felt much more detached and ready for *something* and are wondering what to do with your life
  • Big events may be impacting you like loss of a job or end of a relationship or an illness


If you’re a YES to most of these above then there is a very good chance we are a match and you’re ready to work on what’s next for you. Woohoo!!

NOW! For your Kickstart program application conversation, at no cost, please text 512-299-3637 or email with: Kickstart! Let’s talk!

The Kickstart Coaching process:

Coaching is a modality unlike mentoring or consulting or advising or therapy. In coaching YOU come up with the next best action steps for you right now, under the expert guidance from your highly trained, professional, experienced and compassionate transformation coach (me!). With a coach you get higher quality life results – faster than any other method. Your life. Your plan. Your result. Whatever you say you want. In 90 days or less. No kidding!!

  1. “Knots untied quickly!”
  2. We get very clear TOGETHER, as part of the process, in our first call on what you want to create in ONE specific (even hardcore) area of life and business. That becomes what I am accountable for. You can relax!
  3. We create your IDEAL day/week/month/year/life style. Real outcomes not more change.
  4. We lock in an extremely personal TrueSelf mantra. Keeping you on track minute-by-minute, whatever happens
  5. We look at all energetic levels of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical to ensure a balanced outcome. Few coaches, if any can bring the energetic big-picture inspiration you need and at the same time bring focus on daily actions.
  6. We have a weekly 45-minute focused coaching phone call. Moving you forward.
  7. We have daily 5-minute electronic reporting. Ensures you get what you want.
  8. We have UNLIMITED communication (via email mainly) concerning any part of the work. You are not alone any more. We’ve got this. Welcome to the tribe.
  9. We go step-by-step. Your success has a structure to it. We move rapidly through 4 distinct phases of:
  • healing
  • focus
  • mastery
  • emergence


What is the new Kickstart Coaching OFFER?

I am launching a massive upgrade to the larger, overall, full coaching program (6-12 months long) that I have been running for many years with 100s of clients around the world. So for a very limited time, within this massive upgrade, I am making a very special introductory offer to a very few new clients (20 or so) who match the criteria above, to take on the new, rapid, single-issue-focus Kickstart™ process.

Kickstart is simply the very first element that everybody, who is following the larger coaching program, goes through.

  • 88% off the regular price of the total 6-month program value
  • You pay only: for 3 months (via paypal using
  • BONUS offer: Extra discount on the total when you request to make a one-time payment up front.

NOW! For your Kickstart program application conversation, at no cost, please text 512-299-3637 or email with: Kickstart! Let’s talk!

One more thing……..

If you have bigger ideas and longer-term projects in front of you then I have other plans and programs too that delve into broader and deeper areas of life and business. In my full EXOVATION™ Program we even begin to create a whole new emerging future for yourself – designing your dream. I’d be happy to discuss those with you too. Check out

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My new BOOK – Coming soon in 2017.

Working title: Exovation: people are the next big thing – details: a new philosophy for the societal gulf many are seeing approach humanity in every sphere of life. It includes the creation of the Global Council of 9000 Indigo Elders as well the tactical details of the Exovation coaching program and how to thrive from using it in any area of life at any level: personal, organizational and even global. All my email list subscribers get a free copy of the introductory chapter.

NOW! For your Kickstart program application conversation, at no cost, please text 512-299-3637 or email with: Kickstart! Let’s talk!


THANK YOU. Let’s start a conversation.

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