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What’s the podcast about?  Waking up to how to benefit from all the waves of transformation which are coming to the future of work and life as we know it. Listen to the PODCAST now!

In a seemingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world (VUCA), we listen for and provide a clear signal in the noise. You can do, feel, think and be successfully on top of the exponential waves of automation, transformation and disruption through our discussions on raising human consciousness. #wave21

Nearly 50% of companies expect that automation will lead to some reduction in their full-time workforce by 2022, based on the job profiles of their employee base today. However, 38% of businesses surveyed expect to extend their workforce to new productivity-enhancing roles, and more than a quarter expect automation to lead to the creation of new roles in their enterprise. ~ WEF 2018-22 Jobs Report.

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Listen to the PODCAST now!


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