January 2019 Retreat,

Costa Rica:

  1. For leaders looking to switch off – really, really off, and tune in to the energy arising on our Earth much bigger than anything you’ve felt before
  2. For entrepreneurial executives looking to ignite existing or new industries
  3. For leaders of all types that know that business-as-usual is already over
  4. For people who ‘just know’ their ‘big’ time has come, even if that’s not fully clear yet
  5. For a select group of people ready to come together to take on the wellbeing of the totality of humanity and develop the Planetary Council of 9000 Indigo Elders









Email: for more details.


Dates: TDB January 9th, 2019

Location: Bodhi Surf and Yoga School, Uvita, Costa Rica; private, bijou, eco-lodge.

Day1: Travel day
Day2: @Lodge Workshop
Day3: @Water Workshop
Day4: @Land Workshop
Day5: @Water Workshop
Day6: @Land Workshop
Day7: @Lodge Party
Day8: Travel day

Full Cost: WAS $9999.00 USD (NOW only $4000 per person with upgrade options as needed) with ALL transport, food, drinks & activities included, except flights. We are limited to about 10 open spots and need deposits Nov/Dec to secure your room.

Local Activity options:

  • Yoga/meditation @Lodge
  • Surfing @Water
  • Hiking @Land
  • Bird watching @Land
  • Horseback riding @Land
  • Ziplining @Land
  • White Water rafting @Water
  • Kayaking @Water
  • Snorkeling @Water
  • Diving @Water
  • Paddle Boarding @Water
  • Whale and Dolphin Watching @Water
  • Water Rappelling @Water
  • Massages  @Lodge
  • Facials  @Lodge
  • Reflexology  @Lodge
  • Cocoa Mocha or Vanilla Nutmeg Sugar Body Scrub  @Lodge
  • Manicure and/or Pedicure  @Lodge
  • Pool time  @Lodge

Payment options:

  • Retreat FULL payment per person NOW: $3333.33 USD!
The total for one person is discounted from $4000.00 to $3333.33 for a one time payment. Otherwise 50% now and the balance as soon as you can before arrival.
  • Retreat DEPOSIT payment now: $1000.00 USD
Deposit per person required to hold your room. This represents 25% for the total per person ($4000) now and the balance as soon as you can before arrival.
  • Retreat FULL payment per COUPLE: $7000.00 USD
Same $1000 person deposit required to hold your room now and the balance as soon as you can before arrival.

PAYMENTS: We request that you use PayPal: for all payments. Thank you.

FOR QUESTIONS please e-mail: for more details.