The Exovation Program’s plan levels

Plan level name: Emergence (world) Mastery (life) Focus (issue) Healing (clarity)
Description: 1:  Includes the work from all the program levels (2-4). Spiritual/Energetic focus. Best for those with a desire for a personal renaissance. Typically there’s a sense of wanting to create something new and unknown, with a larger impact, particularly in the realm of raising human consciousness. This is the most comprehensive “living life full out” program where the very highest vision and deepest issues are also dealt with and handled directly. 2: Includes the work from program levels 3&4. Mental focus. Best for those already successful in some areas of life, looking to design an entire life that is much more fulfilling, satisfying and meaningful, that will bring about profound happiness. Given all areas of life interact together, even those that are already working well will be enhanced. 3: Includes the work from program level 4. Emotional focus. Best for those stuck in one single area of life and looking to get that area moving.   We apply intense laser focus to this one area. Additionally, we identify patterns that can then be applied everywhere in life. Be unstoppable. 4: This is an accountability program that supports you in identifying and handling the day-to-day issues that block you from moving forward. Mainly self-driven, practical, physical focus, clearing the way for massive growth.
Weekly session (minutes) 45 45 45 45
Weekly assignments yes yes yes yes
Daily e-support yes yes yes yes
Total months 6 6 6 6
Price $1700/mo $1700/mo $1700/mo $1700/mo

Payment via and plans available over 12 and 24 months.

Contact: or 512 299 3637 now for your initial life upgrade conversation (no fee).