The Man Who Sneezed His Head Off

The BroadBrush Update

blue sunglassesDown the road, he felt his nose itch. The sun was bright and hot, and slight steam rose on the glass, by the dash. “This town sure can melt you,” he thought out loud.

He flipped his shades down and basked in the new, dark, blue world — fast, fast.

An itch. He reached up with his right hand and speared the spot on the left side, close to the bridge of his nose, near his eye. He scratched. Aah, he thought, that felt good; that’ll soothe it.

Near the Loop now. A green Jag is on his tail — hugged in real close. Must be one of those oil rich S.B.’s from Tech, home in the Oaks ’til school starts in the Fall.

He rounds the curve to the Loop — fast, fast — heading north now.  I’ll give her a race, he mused. At the same time, far back…

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Banana (A/B) Split Test

The Vegan Vox

“A banana is a banana is a banana,” penned no serious writer.


Here, Gordon (using unequivocally non-scientific methods, yet possessing the hypersensitive taste buds of an accomplished vegan) explains why!

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The Long, Dark Run of the Soul

Dani's Running Blog

In a week and a half,  I am planning to run the JFK50 Mile ultramarathon.

I am frightened–not of the running, not of the distance, not of the pain–sure, a little of the possibility of injury to be certain–but mostly of the unknown, namely, where it will take me internally in that uncharted territory of mind. Why fear that, you say? Isn’t long-distance running good at taking the mind to wonderfully positive places, to euphoric states? Often it is, perhaps, at least in my experience.

When I put the mileage and details into my running log, the chart showed just how much farther it is than most of my runs–even the 30 milers. It is daunting. I have a profound respect for the distance. Like with sound, where volume, measured in decibels, increases exponentially, the level of difficulty of a long run increases with the distance exponentially.  A fifty-mile run is not just a little less…

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If you want to transform tomorrow then focus on doing the work in this next hour.

if you want to transform tomorrow then work on this next hour.


I’ve tried weekly action steps, things that I do every other day, big bold monthly goals, lots of other permutations. None of them work except daily changes.

If you’re not willing to make it a daily change, you don’t really want to change your life in this way. You only like the idea of learning to draw/speak Japanese/play guitar/program in php/etc. You don’t really want to do it.

7 Food Hacks to Stay Alert Without Caffeine

These are some great tips to keep us alert and functioning all day without the side-effects…from the great Leo at

Why Go Without Caffeine?
I don’t drink coffee. Occasionally I’ll drink caffeinated teas, but not as a necessity. While caffeine doesn’t have the worst negative side-effects other performance-enhancing drugs do, it isn’t without flaws. Here are a few reasons to cut down on the cups: More:

A book review of: The multiple responsibilities of and within organizations: An interpretation of the structure of W. Edwards Deming’s Quality system including the correlation of personality roles with Quality “points”

Personality and intelligence are really much bigger aspects of human awareness and therefore openings for new action than most people really understand. Thrilling work.

Personalintelligence's Blog


The logic, of Quality systems, encompasses a greater domain than commonly appreciated. The explicit logic, underpinning Quality, models systemic interrelationships that exist among Dr. Deming’s points, enabling the correlation of Quality systems with structurally parallel personality types. This facilitates training and increases employee satisfaction. The confusions, between processes and systems as well as between jobs and roles, are examined as obstacles to understanding and applying Quality. This review discusses the two parts of the book covering a refined model for Quality, Part 1, and descriptions of the eight essential Quality frameworks, and their respective stakeholders, Part 2.

© 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and/or peer-review under responsibility of JIBES University, Jakarta

Keywords: Deming; Quality; personality types; systems; processes; roles; jobs; frameworks; management; employees.

1. Introduction

In the spirit of Dr. Deming’s work the author has been searching for a practical approach to logic that recognizes the struggle between…

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