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  • We consult on a diverse set of human-centered, externally focused, cognitive performance services.
  • For primarily internally focused work we recommend our coaching services.

Consulting services scale up smoothly and are suitable for individuals, groups, businesses and beyond.

Whilst we enjoy working in a modern Lean or Agile manner, we are always happy to start with a 1-3 day Discovery Session to deliver a report, building a solid foundation for Culture, Leadership, Strategy and Innovation.

The services can vary in breadth, depth, impact and duration, typical examples are:

  • User Experience Design Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Turnaround strategy
  • Managing VUCA issues
  • Futurism workshops
  • Market analysis
  • Visioning, Ideation and Facilitation
  • Design Thinking Training
  • Getting ready for AI and Machine Learning.
  • The RITE decisions with Research, Innovation, Technology & Experience
  • Time & Task management
  • Podcasting and media
  • Public Speaking and Pitching
  • Linguistic Competence Training
  • Skills and Machine Learning
  • Learning Practices, like Mindfulness and Mediation
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional habit formation
  • Ultra-distance trail endurance running
  • Plant-based nutrition and healing


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