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We consult on a vast and diverse set of externally focused cognitive performance services. For primarily internally focused work we recommend our coaching services. Consulting services scale up smoothly and are suitable for individuals, groups, businesses and beyond. Whilst services can vary in breadth, depth, impact and duration, typical examples are:

  • User Experience Design Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Futurism workshops
  • Market analysis
  • Visioning, Ideation and Facilitation
  • Design Thinking Training
  • Getting ready for AI and Machine Learning.
  • The RITE decisions with Research, Innovation, Technology & Experience
  • Time & Task management
  • Podcasting and media
  • Public Speaking and Pitching
  • Linguistic Competence Training
  • Skills and Machine Learning
  • Spiritual Practices, like Mediation
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional habit formation
  • Ultra-distance trail endurance running
  • Plant-based eating and healing




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