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In your near-future, before 2030:

Nearly 50% of companies expect that automation will lead to some reduction in their full-time workforce by 2022, based on the job profiles of their employee base today. However, 38% of businesses surveyed expect to extend their workforce to new productivity-enhancing roles, and more than a quarter expect automation to lead to the creation of new roles in their enterprise. ~ WEF 2018-22 Jobs Report.

As a leader, is your organisation #ready for the disruptions and opportunities in the future of work coming from the waves of 21st century transformation? #wave21

The Exovation system does not make predictions. As futurists, we listen for your near-future and then guide your organisation to execute creative solutions in alignment with that shared vision.”

We provide research & guidance for visionary leaders to help you get ready now for:

    • hyper-converging,
    • simultaneously emerging,
    • exponentially growing,
    • rapidly accelerating,
    • socially impactful,
    • continuously developing,
    • new technologies
    • within a unified, human future of work.

EXAMPLE: If you’re in the services and retail industries then automation‘s impact should already be patently clear, through the recent timeline of brand-name bankruptcies.

The RITE™ way:

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All of our work leads rapidly and naturally to practical consulting engagements. We call our solutions approach to near-futurism: the RITE™ way.

  1. Research – the “why, who, how and what” patterns of the vision for where you are and where need to be
  2. Innovation – in order to surf the #wave21 we identify essential new mindsets and approaches
  3. Technology – to deliver on new visions requires implementation, engagement and adoption of new actions and new systems
  4. Experience – Everything we do is captured inside of the concentric circles of RITE, the core being what it is actually like for humans to interact and thrive in their future experience

How does futurism help?

Futurism is variously known as futures studies and futurology. It’s about what’s next. The work involves the painstaking study of many possible future timelines. The results are typically of most use to organisational leaders who are tasked with guiding their organisations to the next best steps. With near-futurism we are less about prediction and more about what practical solutions can be implemented next. Three factors usually distinguish FUTURISM from work conducted by other, more common disciplines.

    • TRENDS: First, futures studies often examines trends to compose possible, probable, and preferable futures along with the role “wild cards” can play on future scenarios.
    • SYSTEMS: Second, futures studies typically attempts to gain a holistic or systemic view based on insights from a range of different disciplines, generally focusing on the “steep” categories of Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political.
    • ASSUMPTIONS: Third, futures studies challenges and unpacks the assumptions behind dominant and contending views of the future. The future thus is not empty but fraught with hidden assumptions. For example, many people expect the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem in the near future, while others believe the current ecosystem will survive indefinitely. A foresight approach would seek to analyze and highlight the assumptions underpinning such views.

Sourced in part from: Wikipedia/Futures_studies

Service Delivery

Within Exovation we use a simple set of what we call cognitive performance services to consult with your organisation to make sure you’re thinking about and doing the right (RITE) work to be #ready for the future waves of 21st century transformation. #wave21

We typically rapidly deliver in the form of:

  • broad-ranging inspirational talks
  • narrowly focused industry assessments
  • tailored strategic and tactical reports
  • interactive solutions-oriented workshops
  • step-by-step roadmaps for your near-future

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Additional futurism research:

Some deeper background that you may find useful:

Whilst we enjoy working in a modern Lean or Agile manner, we are always happy to start with a 1-3 day Discovery Session to deliver a report, building a solid foundation for Culture, Leadership, Strategy and Innovation.

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